Unique Castings talent agency launched in Thanet

Unique Castings is inviting people to join their books

A new casting agency aimed at inclusivity has been launched in Margate.

Bar 7 owner Wendy Knight has teamed up with Rachel Hamlin of Future Performing Arts and actor Dominic Daniel – best known as Spin – to create the venture.

It is aimed at those 16 years and above with an additional focus on people with learning or physical disabilities and those who want to be involved but might not think they are a fit for the entertainment industry.

Unique Castings will be based at Bar 7 for admin but will be dealing with roles offered worldwide.

Wendy, 46, opened Bar 7 with son Karl and husband Douglas and daughter Shelby also pitching in last December.

Rachel is using studio space at the venue for the performing arts school.  Spin is mostly London based and has wide experience in the acting industry with roles in shows including Regime, Loki, Wicked, Ghostbusters, Batman and The Diplomat.

Wendy, Rachel and Spin

Former retail and childcare worker Wendy is also involved in performing arts through daughter Shelby, who has ADHD and autism, who is a student teacher and performer.

Wendy said: “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and asked Rachel and Spin to come in with me.

“It is for local people but will also be offering work up and down the country and worldwide, that might be jobs for extras, modelling, videos.

“Hopefully it will be amazing. We are up and running now and doing interviews with people. We are aiming at 16+ and when jobs come in I will look to see who is perfect for that role. I’m good at reading people, getting to know them, looking at their strengths and weaknesses.”

Joining the agency will be free with a commission for secured roles.

‘Do not fit the mould’

Rachel said: “We are looking for potential artistes but we want to be more inclusive than just seeing if a person fits the mould.

“It doesn’t matter if they have no experience or they are a certain size or have disabilities, just because you do not fit the mould of the industry does not mean we won’t represent you.”

Wendy added: “The industry is using non-disabled people to play disabled roles, such as in Glee, we are striving to change that. Shelby has ADHD and Autism but it does not mean she is not capable of  going for what she wants. There are so many people with additional needs that may want to go into performance and that’s one of the things we are about. We just want to get people work.”

Rachel and Wendy met Spin several years ago on productions and say his professional acting career means he can give added insights and advice.


Spin, who has a background as an actor, dancer, singer and stuntman, said: “We aren’t doing things the same way as other agencies, we are seeing if people are a fit for us but also are we a fit for them. Inclusivity is a big part of it.

“I know Rachel and Wendy very well, how they work, their ethics and knowledge. They are inspiring, lovable, approachable people.

“My main thing is artist management, my experience of the industry, knowledge of contracts and that’s what I am bringing to the table.”

To find out more about Unique Castings go to the facebook page here 

Or the website here