Historic innovations spark interest for Upton children

Learning about electrical circuits at Upton

A journey from the Golden Age of Islam to the innovation of electricity was a bright learning spark for children at Upton Juniors in Broadstairs.

The Year 4 group began their adventure exploring the development of scholars with their new discoveries in the worlds of Science and Maths in particular.

The period of scientific, economic and cultural flourishing in the history of Islam traditionally dated from the 8th century to the 13th century.

Head of Year 4 Billie Danson explained: “We focused on some of the great inventions and discoveries from that period of time including the anaesthetic sponge, coffee, perfume and the first flying machine.

“Next we linked this to the more modern innovation of electricity. The children are learning how circuits work and how they apply to our everyday lives such as a variety of appliances.”

Specialists from the Amazon RME team – reliability and maintenance engineers – visited the year group. They showed how electronics plays a part in the world of Amazon through robotics and demonstrated how a simple and parallel series circuit works.

Mrs Danson added: “They introduced them to a couple of robot models, built circuits with motors and bulbs and carried out a hazard PPE activity to explain the importance of safety around electricity.

“The children were really engaged with the activities they tried and our staff got involved too.

“It was a valuable addition to this term’s topic which is Innovation Station.”