Car ends up on its roof in St Peter’s

The car flipped on to its roof Photo Nicole Morrell

A Fiat 500 landed on its roof after crashing in St Peter’s High Street yesterday (April 18).

One resident described hearing “three loud bangs” before the incident near Hogman’s Butchers and says two of the staff pulled the driver -who was uninjured – from the car.

Photo Nicole Morrell

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police attended following a one-car collision in High Street, St Peter’s, near Broadstairs at 3.20pm.

“Officers assisted with traffic management and the recovery of the vehicle. No serious injuries were reported.”

The road was closed for around an hour and a half.


  1. Did they get a ticket for parking on double yellows (however cleverly they managed it) ?

    Are cars made to be especially bouncy these days as there seems to be an increasing number ending up on their roofs in residential roads ?

    • Your right John, I took my test in 1962, during the Cuba missile crisis when the army discovered it didn’t have enough drivers, and I don’t remember seeing any accidents like this, mind you I passed my test in a 3 ton truck it took all of 7 hours instruction!

  2. I watched an identical Fiat 500, in white, driving along a narrow pavement earlier this week to go round some road works, the road being closed!
    I wonder if it is the same idiot? – I do hope so.

  3. Once again, you’re all wrong.
    Not speeding, not updating FB, nothing like that.
    Look at the facts.
    It’s absolutely not the driver’s fault.
    It’s the butcher’s.
    Let me explain.
    The car is a Fiat 500. Fact.
    The butcher has a toilet. Fact.
    The butcher has fridges. Fact.
    The fridges are decorated with fridge magnets. Fact.
    Being a subcompact Fiat limousine it entered the magnetic field of the butcher’s fridge magnets and the car overturned on its roof. That is what happened.
    You all agree with me now?
    You’re wrong. It is still the butcher that is to blame, but for a completely different reason.
    The butcher’s toilet is blocked.
    The car was crawling along at a very slow pace looking at the meat (in the shop’s window, not on the pavement).
    The butcher, who has an allergy to plants (and vegans), was walking back towards his shop in the alleyway in front. Remember his toilet is blocked and so he had to relieve himself somewhere.
    Unfortunately, when doing his business behind a tree, a gust of wind (not his, other wind I mean) blew some pollen in his sinuses.
    So, on his way back towards the shop, he sneezed. And that is how the Fiat overturned.

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