Margate’s London Tavern to go to auction (again) at reduced starting price

The London Tavern Photo Frank Leppard

The London Tavern in Margate will go to auction next month with a starting point of £250,000 for bids.

The Addington Street pub shut in October 2022 just nine months after opening as the latest addition to Emma Piggott and Jonathan Mercer’s small pub group, Tiny Dancer.

As well as the pub the duo wanted to offer The Tiny Deli, serving morning coffee and pastries.

Tiny Dancer bought The London Tavern at auction in December 2021 for £475,000.

Photo Frank Leppard

Prior to that it had been run by Carl and Nancy Hilliard since 2016 when they bought the building and set about transforming it.

Carl and Nancy previously owned Ales of the Unexpected in Westbrook and  sold that business, putting every penny they had into the renovations of The London Tavern.

Joe, Nancy and Carl at the London Tavern in 2017 when they were named Pub of the Year

In 2017 the boozer was crowned Pub of the Year for Thanet by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Carl and Nancy won the ‘Beer Oscar’ for everything from having a rustic ‘art gallery’ design by Joe Bradley, top food from head chef Joe Mullane, obviously great beer and an all round brilliant atmosphere.

In 2018 the couple put the pub on the market due to ill health. It then went to auction in 2020 and was finally sold the following year to Tiny Dancer.

For sale in 2022 Photo Frank Leppard

When they closed the doors in October 2022 the property went on the market with an asking price in the region of £650,000.

Photo Frank Leppard

This has now been much reduced with the £250,000 reserve. The freehold for the pub will be auctioned through Lambert Smith Hampton on May 15.

The property is over three floors with a cellar and stores in the basement, pub on the ground floor and a one-bed flat above.

The pub first made an appearance on maps in 1821 as The London Hotel and has a licensee list dating back to 1841. It was renamed the Everybody’s Inn in the 90s, reverting to The London Tavern when Nancy and Carl took over.

Find the auction listing here


    • Unfortunately the london tavern and the likes of “the old post office” just aren’t in the right locations ( though the closure of theatre royal won’t have helped the pub) and show just how localised the uplift from the arts is.

      • I don’t think it was targeted at locals. It was more targeted at a DFL type crowd and they never fully took to it. Local pubs are actually doing well now like the Byron and Mulberry Tree, so maybe it should go down the more normal road

    • Why did the bikers stop using it? Serious question.

      I remember a lot of bikers using The Ship as well, but that was demolished of course (how anyone thinks demolishing a lively pub for an art gallery is “progress” is beyond me!).

      • I should imagine a new landlord didn’t what the bikers,and wanted a new sort of clientele. The music when the bikers were there was brilliant good old fashioned rock and rock & roll,but sometimes a there was a little bit of trouble nothing major ,everything sorted quietly.Karaoke killed most pubs that changed from live music to karaoke

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