Police called after car ‘rolls’ through concrete balustrade in Ramsgate

The car comes to a stop

The concrete balustrading at Albion Hill in Ramsgate will need to undergo repairs after a car rolled through it last night (April 2).

It is understood that the handbrake was not fully applied and the Mini rolled down the hill and through the wall with a chunk landing in Madeira Walk below. Luckily, there were no injuries reported.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 9.37pm on Tuesday 2 April to a report of a collision involving a car and a wall in Ramsgate.

“Officers attended to assist with the recovery of the vehicle. No injuries were reported.”


        • No need for someone to have a word, it’s an accident, it wasn’t doesn’t purposely. Don’t you think the driver will be shaken up enough from it anyway?

  1. This illustrates well why I always leave my car in gear as well as applying the handbrake, especially on a hill.
    I doubt if this owner will forget again.

  2. Let’s hope that competent contractors are employed to replace the balustrade to its original design – rather than some cheap and nasty aluminium railings being inserted in the gap.

    • Eve stone can do the balusters I replaced a large section for the borough agents Babtie a few years ago when a Porsche went though the balustrading on the other hill opposite the shopping mall entrance I did the other ones

  3. Lets hope their insurance pays for it ?
    I believe section 23 of the Road Traffic act covers this and I hope they are dealt with in the proper manner, could of easily caused danger to pedestrians and other road users.

  4. I am not sure who owns this section of balustrade.The section aligning the harbour is owned by KCC and is in need of repair.Some of that section has poorly executed balusters.
    Where the car collided with the balustrade is probably TDC owned,which is to be regretted.TDC substituted some blocks of concrete for proper balusters above the old motor museum so this does not bode well.
    I don’t know how much was damaged but it will not be cheap.There is a firm in Kent who can do the work.

  5. Don’t know why they would have parked on double yellow lines in the first place.
    Mind you, with only three parking wardens in the whole of Thanet you don’t stand much chance of getting fined.

  6. The night before (April 1st) 1.30am a car went through the stone boundary wall on the grade ll listed old Vicarage in Northdown Road, Cliftonville, then immediately reversed back out and was driven off before anyone could ask if they were okay.
    There must be a someone going around the garages locally looking for work done to the front end of their car. The police would like some information.

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