Pilgrims Hospices launches recruitment drive for clinical roles

Dr Pia Amsler, Director of Medicine, Pilgrims Hospices

Pilgrims Hospices is embarking on a recruitment drive to support changes aimed at enhancing end-of-life-care and attracting more nursing and medical staff to palliative care roles.

The charity will expand its clinical workforce and roles will include three nurse consultants who will take on important decision-making powers for in-patient care and community outreach services. There will also be opportunities for more palliative care consultants and middle grade doctors to join the team.

Dr Pia Amsler, Director of Medicine, Pilgrims Hospices, said: “We are committed to delivering the highest quality hospice care for the people of East Kent, and have consistently enjoyed strong support from the community for our vital services. However, like many hospices nationwide, we face challenges in attracting suitable candidates for key clinical roles.

“We have undertaken a thorough review of our structure and care model to future-proof our services and create more opportunities for healthcare professionals seeking to advance their careers.

“We want to dispel the view that there is not a career path in hospice care compared to the NHS. Working with us offers unique benefits, including the time to provide truly compassionate care, which may not be achievable elsewhere.

“The newly created nurse consultant positions represent senior roles focused on frontline patient care, offering an attractive alternative to traditional management paths. This investment in our workforce reflects our commitment to supporting career progression within our organisation.”

In future, each hospice site will have a shared medical and nurse consultant leadership team plus a Medical Director who will oversee care. Salaries will be competitive with NHS rates.

For full details on available vacancies and further information about working at Pilgrims Hospices, visit: www.pilgrimshospices.org/about-us/work-with-us/

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  1. ‘Truly compassionate care’ – recently experienced exactly this. Pilgrims Hospice made a complex and potentially highly stressful situation into one that was, at times, quite heartwarming both for the patient and us, his wider family. Their tremendous support & expertise meant that he could die at home. I thought they’d be good … I didn’t know they’d be that good.

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