Ramsgate fighter crowned bare knuckle boxing world champ after explosive win at Vendetta Fight Night

Mac 'Attack' Bygraves storms his way to a world title

A Ramsgate fighter has been crowned Vendetta bare knuckle boxing world champion after only his second match in the sport.

Dad-of-one Macaulay Bygraves says he ‘accidentally’ entered the ranks of bare knuckle boxers due to “his big mouth” after he issued a challenge to ‘silence any man’ standing in his way.

The former Hereson lad, known as Mac Attack, has already stormed the ‘gloved’ boxing world after going back into training – and the ring –  one year ago and clinching UBC light heavyweight champion and JKH British champion titles.

And then came the offer to try out for bare knuckle boxing.

He said: “It was all accidental, I got into it because I’ve got a massive mouth and I love the build up to a fight, I’m a proper showman. When I beat Jimmy Miller ( a boxer and also a bare knuckle fighter) I got the email to say come down (for a bare knuckle boxing try out) and I had to go through with it.”

In February the 29-year-old middleweight fighter took the gloves off for his bare knuckle boxing debut fight under Rock Solid Promotions and won by knock out in just 40 seconds.

That victory led to the Vendetta Fight Nights title bout in Hungary on Saturday (March 30) which was only Mac’s second bare knuckle contest.

His opponent was Hungary’s Adam Mate, a professional with 31 wins and 17 losses on his record.

Mac said: “It was literally my second bare knuckle boxing fight. I was the underdog and they thought they were leading a lamb to the slaughter.

“The guy I fought had 50 professional boxing matches, two world titles and a commonwealth title. I spent a couple of days watching videos, studying him, and I said I would knock him out and I did.

“It caused a massive upset when I beat the Hungarian fighter in Hungary. It was supposed to be five, three minute rounds but I knocked him out in the fourth, he went down and didn’t get up.”

The explosive fight saw Mac clinch the world title to bring home to Ramsgate, backed by his boxing club – CG Boxing in Broadstairs- and sponsors including All-Star Cargo and RNB Electrical Mechanical & Renewables.

Mac, who works as an electrician, has been boxing since he was 13 years old as a member of clubs including Ramsgate Boxing Club and Hornets Boxing Club. “My mum made me because I was being a little sh*t,” he said.

But he had dropped out of the scene and returned last year after making the decision to get in shape and turn his life around.

Mac and title belt at his local pub, St Lawrence Tavern

That move has likely changed Mac’s life as calls from the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) UK have now come in following his title win.

The  BKFC organisation is the biggest for the sport in the US and the UK. The UK arm has approached Mac about a fight this June.

Mac said: “This potentially means more fights and I could do this for a living.”

Mac with Connor who has supported him on his boxing journey

CG Boxing boss Connor Gorham said: “I would like to say how incredibly proud I am of Mac. He turned up at my gym exactly one year ago this month with the intention of changing his life around, and this is exactly what he did.

“Seven fights later he’s achieved the Midlands area title, British title and a now a world bare knuckle title. To say CG Boxing Club has a world champion after opening up just two years ago is absolutely mind-blowing.

“But this is why I do what I do and have this club, to improve lives for the better and create a positive future. I’d like to thank our coach Weston Hughes who has been by my side since starting out and also thank our club’s main sponsors All Star Cargo Ltd and We R Blighty for their support.”

Keep track of Mac on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/macbygraves/

Bare knuckle boxing is legal in the UK, but not governed by any official regulator or the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC).

Many of those involved in the sport say with bare knuckles you don’t attack as hard and punches are less frequent. They say superficial damage, such as cuts, is more evident in BKB making it look bloodier but claim the impact on the brain is greater with gloved boxing.


  1. I thought bare knuckle fighting had been made illegal. Beware your brain was never made to be knocked about and it can have serious consequences. Good luck and take care.

    • Hi Ann , BKB is not illegal unless it’s an unsanctioned fight that happens in a public space. Thea professional regulated bouts are legal as they come. Thank your for your concern

  2. Bill, just because something is legal does not make it right.Water companies swing in and out of legality every day,but the outcome is always the same, polluted water courses.
    Ann is right to raise a concern.In the old days the punchy fighter was commonplace because of poor regulation and a lack of medical knowledge.There was an article today on the BBC about depression as a result of head injuries.
    I am pleased our Ramsgate fighter won,though by the looks of him you wouldn’t know it,but I fear for his future wellbeing.
    I would rather see someone in Thanet win an award for using their brains,rather than bashing someone else’s.

  3. All boxing contests depend on causing brain damage to each other, and should be banned! I was a half way decent boxer in the army, but that was over 60 years ago, circuit training for 15 X 3 minute rounds, to fight for 3. I was knocked out of the ring on one occasion, and bundled back after hitting the bell! In those days boxers could have 2 fights a day, one in the afternoon and again the same evening if you won. Eventually I decided it wasn’t worth the 2 breakfasts we got, during training, and gave it up!

  4. what a load of nonsense , world champion after two fights ? i think we all know this” title ” is worthless , any decent pro boxer would flatten this boy.

    • Well Louis, it looks like you may be suffering from being “Punch Drunk” which is what we used to call people who had one or two fights too many, and who didn’t make sense anymore, are you? I think we should be told.

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