One person seriously injured in Minster crash

Emergency services

One person suffered serious injuries in a crash in Minster last night (April 1).

A car hit a wall in Bedlam Court Lane at around 10.25pm. The driver and passengers left the scene before police arrived but have since been identified.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 10.25pm on Monday 1 April after a car collided with a wall in Bedham Court Lane, Minster. The vehicle’s occupants were not at the scene when officers arrived.

“All of those believed to have been inside the vehicle, one of whom had sustained serious injuries, have since been identified and spoken to and enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances.”


  1. Hope the home owner isn’t faced with the bill to fix their property!.

    Every single person in that car are as guilty as the driver and all left the scene of a crime.

  2. Well if the driver and passengers left the scene and later spoken to, who was the seriously injured party? And why no arrests for injuring someone ?
    Something amiss here?

    • One of the passengers was seriously injured but still fled the scene of the crime.
      The parents will paint him as innocent but clearly he wasn’t as he fled too!

      Little scumbags that were lucky to not hurt innocent people with their stupidity.

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