Police attend Margate railway station over ‘suspicious behaviour’ report

Police were called to Margate railway station Photo John Horton

Police were called in to deal with an incident at Margate railway station last night (March 13).

Services to Margate were temporarily halted while officers were in attendance after receiving a report of a group of men and teenagers “behaving suspiciously.”

Four people were detained but no arrests were made.

Witnesses reported a large number of police vehicles at the scene and officers, understood to have been armed, carrying out a search onboard a train.

No explanation was given over the nature of the ‘suspicious behaviour’ although it is understood that passengers were ushered into the waiting room in case of ‘collateral damage.’

Services were halted while officers attended the incident Photo John Horton

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to Margate railway station at around 7pm following a report that a group of men and teenagers were behaving suspiciously.

“Officers detained four people and a search was carried out. Following liaison with British Transport Police, trains were temporarily halted as a precaution.

“No offences were identified and no arrests were made. Trains were later reinstated.”


  1. My friend got caught up in this. She & other passengers were locked in the waiting room, told that they could be ‘collateral damage’. Station Master, (female so ‘Station Mistress’?), was told to lock herself in her office but insisted on staying with the alarmed passengers which my friend much appreciated.

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