Beaver rescued from Ramsgate main sands too poorly to survive

The beaver was found on Ramsgate main sands Photo Nik Mitchell

A beaver rescued from Ramsgate main sands this morning (March 14) sadly died while being transported to the RSPCA Mallydams wildlife centre in Hastings.

The beaver was discovered on the beach by member of the public Mick Murphy. It had also been attacked by a dog. Mr Murphy stayed with the animal until British Divers Marine Life Rescue medics arrived.

Photo Nik Mitchell

BDMLR medic Nik Mitchell said: “We were called at about 8am this morning by a member of the public and notified there was a beaver on Ramsgate main sands.

“When it is a report of a beaver on the beach you need to get to the beaver as soon as possible, get it off the beach and off for medical help.

“Beavers are coming out from the River Stour. If they ingest salt water they can very quickly die from salt water poisoning.

“(Beaver beach strandings) will happen every winter. The parents are pushing out last year’s kits so they can raise their new young so if they go the wrong way they end up in the sea.”

Mr Murphy said: “I witnessed the attack and stayed with the beaver and helped bring it up the beach. I couldn’t help with getting the dogs off unfortunately as I was on the sea wall at the time.

“I am not blaming the dogs for the death of this wonderful animal. Sea water is poisonous to them and maybe if I wasn’t alerted by the dogs it would have never had a chance for a sadly unsuccessful rescue.”

Sadly the beaver didn’t make it

The reintroduction of the Eurasian beaver in Britain took place in 2002, when Kent Wildlife Trust released two beaver families onto Ham Fen nature reserve near Sandwich.

Ham Fen is the last surviving area of Fenland in Kent and provided the perfect environment for the beavers to thrive, they immediately begun to build dams, raise the water levels and improve the habitat.

The natural habitat for beavers is fresh water surrounded by woodland and they do not fare well if they enter salt water. At this time of year young males will be attempting to find their own territory. If the end up in the River Stour they can then find themselves entering the sea.

From 1st October 2022, the European beaver became a protected species in England.

BDMLR can be contacted on 01825 765546.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue is a charity that relies on volunteers who are trained for dealing with marine mammal strandings. Find out more and how you can donate at:…


  1. Well done to the people that bothered to stop and assist, shame a dog owner or several allowed their pets to be out of their control.
    iirc there still is a PSPO for that area !

  2. Time dog owners took responsibility for there animals, what sort of scum bag lets there dog attack another animal and then just walk away.

  3. Perhaps an autopsy would be useful to see if it had also ingested oil that was spilled at Chartham Paper Mill.

  4. Sadly this is the result of the Mayor of London somehow thinking that releasing tame beavers into the Thames in London for some weird belief they would clean up the water.

  5. Hopefully there will be no more beavergate incidents.
    Few days ago TDC attached signs on beach access areas, saying Possible oil on beach-Please keep dogs on leads-Please keep away from any oil.
    Anyway coastguard was inspecting the beach this morning, hopefully it gets the all clear.

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