Thanet girl Cleo takes WRSA kickboxing British Champion title

Delighted Cleo takes the British title

Thanet girl Cleo Musslewhite, from The Falcons Kickboxing Club in Margate, has been named WRSA (World Ring Sports Association) British Champion after an impressive win at a competition last weekend.

The Falcons Kickboxing Club was represented by Cleo, Esmay Amini and Lilly-Paige Anderson at the WRSA Champion of the Club show in Chippenham on Saturday (March 9).

Cleo was fighting for the WRSA British title against Welsh team’s Molly Marshall.

The Margate youngster was returning to the ring after an impressive first round stoppage in her last outing where she won the WRSA Area title.

The contest was scheduled to be fought in five 1.5-minute rounds of full contact action.

The bell sounded for the first round and Cleo flew across the ring at her opponent with a bombardment of actuate kicks and punches. This continued until one minute seven seconds, when the overwhelming flurry of strikes proved too much for the Welsh girl.

Cleo took the win with another stoppage in the first round, becoming the new WRSA British Champion.

Esmay Amini

Prior to Cleo’s bout, 12-year-old Esmay Amini took to the ring. This was her second Gala Show and the fight was matched over three 1.5 minute full contact rounds.

Round one started with both girls meeting in the centre of the ring, throwing continuous hand and leg combinations, neither girl giving an inch. This was the same within the second and third rounds. Unfortunately the decision didn’t go Esmay way on this occasion, however she loved the experience.

Lilly-Paige Anderson

Up last for the Falcons was 23-year-old Lilly-Paige Anderson. This was her return fight after being out of the sport for four years. Lilly was taking on the home girl Ebony Beaven. The fight was scheduled for three 2-minute rounds of full contact action and this is exactly what the crowd got. Both girls came to fight and both of them went at it in a crowd-pleasing exhibition.

Skill and energy was outstanding which made a great bout. As the rounds went on it was clear that Lilly was the stronger of the two and showing outstanding combinations throughout. The end result was Lilly-Paige Anderson winning by unanimous decision.


Falcons instructor Mark White said: “I’m extremely proud of my team, each of them gave 110% not only in the ring on the night but in the days and weeks of training. Their total commitment and dedication is without question outstanding, I couldn’t be happier.

“It is not easy for young ladies to put their lives on hold, whilst they see friends going to parties and out for dinners, however, this is all their choice and it shows within the results they get.

“2024 is going to be a great year for the Falcons Team.”

The Falcons Kickboxing Club is based in The Old Barn Hartsdown Park, Margate.

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  1. Well done! I would like my daughter to take up martial arts when she is older, so you are a good inspiration for young people!

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