Kind eight-year-old Primrose gifts pamper baskets to mums of ‘angel babies’

Primrose with mum Terina

A big-hearted Ramsgate girl made and delivered pamper baskets to mums who have lost children to bring them some happiness on Mother’s Day.

Eight-year-old Primrose Cook initially made one basket with goodies including chocolate, bath bombs, lip balm, bubble bath and eyelashes to give away to a mum who had suffered loss.

But when mum Terina posted to facebook a huge response included people wanting to donate to buy more items so further baskets could be made.

Primrose was prompted to make the gifts after her own mum’s scare that her baby would be lost.

Terina said: “About 18 months ago we were told we were going to have an angel baby but luckily our belief that she would be fine got us through and our baby was born in full health. “While this was happening, we had to explain to Primrose what an angel baby was and this really saddened her that some mummies don’t get to take their baby home.

“Primrose enters pageants and every year she tries to get the Miss Glamour title. This year she’s decided to focus on the main part and that is the charity part and showing how much work she can do to help those in need especially during these times.

“It was because of our talk that Primrose wanted to help.”

Mum of three Terina, who is an after-school supervisor at Ramsgate Arts Primary, happily welcomed her baby Willow to the world but the conversation stayed with Primrose.

The pamper basket gift also struck a chord with numerous people who read Terina’s post. Donations were made via Paypal and gifts bought from Amazon to enable Primrose to eventually make seven baskets for mums whose names had been put forward to receive one.

Ramsgate Arts Primary pupil Primrose said: “I made them to help people who haven’t got their babies anymore because I wanted to make them smile. They took a long time to make. When I turned up (to deliver baskets) they cried and hugged me.”

The deliveries were made with the help of dad Craig and Terina.

Terina said: “We are very proud of her and so is her nan. She now wants to do something for Father’s Day.”

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  1. What a sweet gesture. Mother’s day is hard if you’ve lost your mum but it must be unbearable for those who’ve lost their baby. She’s definitely ticking the box for community kindness! Good luck Primrose.

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