Manor House Minster Nursery set to open in April

Transformed pre-schoolers room at Manor House Minster Nursey

A new nursery in Minster will open its doors on April 15.

Last year The Manor House Group took on the former premises of Minster Nursery, which shut in 2022.

Manor House owners Jayne and Sean Sheerin have spent eight months carrying out extensive works to the site. Those works are now complete and the nursery is ready to welcome in families.

An area dedicated to babies from 6 months old includes a separate sleep room with cots and baby nests, a nappy changing station and underfloor heating.

Babies changing before

Open floor space and carefully chosen activities will be used to build  skills and knowledge and support children’s holistic development.

Babies changing after

There is also a safe and secure outdoor garden especially for the babies and this has all-weather access.

For the toddlers there is a calming sensory room, sleep room and toilets and plenty of interesting and stimulating activities and resources.

There is a focus on personal, social and emotional development, communication and language and physical development.

The nursery provides free flow to the garden meaning that children can learn to be independent in accessing their own indoor and outdoor play throughout the day.

Sensory room transformed

Pre-schoolers will have a large playroom and classroom with a teacher leading activities.

Pre-school children take part in weekly community trips to local places of interest and weekly trips to the Manor House Forest School at Quex Park.

The Manor House Nursery Group operates from Hartsdown Park in Margate, Quex Park in Birchington and now Minster.

The Group Forest School gives children up the age of 11 the opportunity to explore the woodland and connect with the natural world. It is adjacent to the outdoor woodland Kindergarten nursery.

Manor House Nursery Group nurseries have all been graded Outstanding since opening in 2008.

Teaching room

A Manor House Nursery Group spokesperson said: “We have over 80 qualified and experienced staff, believing that childcare is a vocation and not just a job.

“Three qualified teachers, an early years teacher, qualified and experienced Senco leads ensuring all children receive individual care, and a team of seven managers ensure excellent care and education.

Out of school club

“We are proud to employ both female and male practitioners, and all staff are paediatric first aid and safeguarding trained, ensuring safety within the settings. We are very proud of our staff, and its them who make Manor House Nursery Group so special.”

Babies room

Manor House Minster Nursery has two open days coming up on16th March and 23rd March from 10am until 2pm – no booking needed.

Private tours can be arranged Monday to Fridays, from 18th March.

Telephone 01843-808034 for more information, or visit:

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  1. Isn’t that inside the school grounds? which belongs to KCC. Are they leasing the property and if so where is that money going, surely not to the school that desperately needs funds like many others. Worth a question Kathy,

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