Power Of Women festival – Relaxation is Revolution 

The Profanity Embroidery Exhibition

By media student Ella Reynolds-Phillips

Women, have you ever felt overlooked and overworked? Felt unneeded in society whenever you take some time away for yourself? Many women sympathise with you. Studies show that every year, women in the UK provide an estimated 23.2 billion hours of unpaid childcare, on unpaid cooking and housework.

In an effort to bring awareness to this problem and to provide women with a space, this year The Power of Women festival focuses on relaxation and how important it is to balance out your life at home and at work.

Throughout  March, POW is holding events in Thanet with each one sharing the message of unapologetic rest. Events range from exhibitions and sponsored swimming to art trails and much more.

Profanity Embroidery Exhibition:

This exhibition is taking place until March 24 at the Selina Hotel in Margate and Albion House in Ramsgate. It features beautiful and unique embroidery designs created on pillowcases. Viewing this exhibition really allows you to see the passion that all these women hold, the pillowcases embellished with swear words and unique designs, speak volumes on the meaning of rest and rejuvenation – a truly empowering display and exhibition to witness.

Partnered with this exhibition, there will be conversations and workshops held on March 16, encouraging more women to explore ways of expressing themselves.

Mother’s Day (March 10):

At the Powell-Cotton Museum gardens in Birchington, from 11am-noon/2pm-3pm, you will find an intimate setting to take part in a writing workshop run by poet, prose writer and visual artist Maggie Harris. Partnered with hot drinks and homemade cakes, what more could make a special woman in your life feel special and appreciated?

Tickets for this event can be purchased here: 10 Mar | Mother’s Day Creative workshop with tea & cake 

TKE studios:

TKE Photo Frank Leppard

TKE studios, created by Margate artist Tracey Emin, is a space dedicated to providing artist studios, exhibitions, lectures and gallery spaces. It is a venue for POW this year, and will be hosting dynamic dialogue, on March 8th between 4:30pm and 5:30pm, between two pivotal figures in the world of art, Tracey Emin, and Katy Hessel.

Tracey Emin is known for her autobiographical and confessional artwork and Katy Hessel is an art historian, curator, broadcaster and author. The conversation between these two influential women aims to highlight how important women are to the world of art and creativity.  At TKE studios visitors will also find exhibition We Do Not Sleep featuring Layla Andrews, Elissa Cray, Laura Footes and many other incredible artists. This exhibition is open from the 9th March –19th April, every weekend.

Power of Women Art trail:

The power of women art trail is one that promises a variety of different art works, put together by many artists from around Thanet. The art placed in multiple locations around Thanet encouraging visitors to explore and engage with the cultural landscape – a wonderful trail to accidentally walk across or to simply follow around Thanet. The information about the trail and the art you will find, can be found at: Arts Trail (powarttrail.us).

Variety Night:

On the last night of the festival, March 24, from 3pm – 6pm, a show featuring comedians and playwrights is taking place in the Sarah Thorne Theatre in Broadstairs.

Hosted by award winning comedian and author Rosie Wilby, a night of entertainment, empowerment, and enjoyment is promised to bring about the close of the Power of Women Festival 2024. Tickets for this event can be purchased on the POW website.

Ramsgate Community Cinema

International Women’s Day (March 8th) is also being celebrated by Ramsgate Community Cinema with specially selected screenings.

Find more information about tickets and screenings here: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY WEEK OF SCREENINGS Tickets, Eventbrite

We Are Still Here

Becky tells her story in We Are Still Here Photo Mareike Guensche

We Are Still Here, a project created to raise awareness of living with HIV and AIDS, has also opened with an audio and photo exhibition at Cliff’s Cafe and community space in Northdown Road, Cliftonville.

This exhibition opened on March 1 and featured a speech from three women. It will be on display throughout March and reflects 21 stories. Each picture comes with a QR code, so visitors can download the audio to hear the story.

You can listen to the stories at: https://www.wearestillhere.net/

About POW

POW has been running since 2015, 9 years of bringing awareness to different struggles and problems that women face. The year of 2023 was one of their biggest years with 19,500 beneficiaries, over 300 artists, performers and displayed in over 50 venues, making significant strides in promoting gender equality and empowerment – we hope this year will be the same.

Find out more about the festival, events still to come and get your tickets at POW Thanet.

Ella is a creative writing and journalism student at Canterbury College currently undertaking work experience with The Isle of Thanet News.


  1. 23.2 billion hours is a very long time. Unfortunately on it’s own the figure is meaningless. To put this figure into context. Is it possible to add the results of the studies done to show how many hours of unpaid childcare, unpaid cooking and housework is done yearly in the UK by other genders?

  2. The point is that women still do the vast majority share of unpaid domestic work. There are plenty of studies presenting evidence to support this fact. Try OECD,UN,ONS,BPS,UNICEF,CBI.
    Happy International Women’s Day 💜

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