Extra police patrols at Westwood Cross to deal with anti-social behaviour complaints

Westwood Cross

Extra police patrols are being carried out at Westwood Cross and a 14-yrear-old boy has been arrested amid complaints of anti-social behaviour.

The boy was arrested on March 5 on suspicion of threatening to cause criminal damage. He has been bailed while enquiries continue.

A message to residents from PC Matt Albers says: “Neighbourhood policing officers are aware of concerns around anti-social behaviour by groups of teenagers in and around Westwood Cross in recent weeks.

“Additional patrols are being carried out in the area in response and officers will deal with any offences robustly.

“A 14-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of threatening to cause criminal damage on Wednesday 5th March and has been bailed while enquiries into his behaviour continue.

“We understand the impact of anti-social behaviour on shoppers, businesses and residents and we have specialist officers to deal with such issues.”

Anyone who has concerns or witnesses criminal offences should report it through the Kent Police website, or call 999 if a crime is in progress.


  1. I’m starting to become my father.Give these hooligans 6 months in a Military Boot Camp.They are everywhere.Thanet has become the worst place I have ever seen for graffiti. I challenge any body to point out a junction box anywhere in Thanet that is graffiti free.Every post box,junction box,road direction sign on the drive into Ramsgate via the A299 is graffitied.Cant be good for repeat tourist business.Mind you other councils at least paint over the graffiti.

    • The council is responsible for graffiti on council structures. It has no authority to deal with stuff on private property.

      There is a limited amount of evidence that increased police presence results in a fall in some sorts of crime.
      A shame, then, that thr Tory government got rid of over 20,000 police officers.

        • Pink, the hooligans are the Tories for creating urban sprawl like Westwood Cross and underfunding the police force.Wednesday’s budget will cut public spending on policing and the criminal justice system, just to fund a NI cut that no one will notice, because the tax take is the highest since 1948.What’s more Pink Lady it is not even going to reduce debt or the deficit.
          The cure for criminality of all sorts is not CCTV or whizzy IT, or Home Secretary’s grandstanding, but catching offenders.The vandals, graffiti artists, thieves and those with a violent disposition, don’t care or think about any bcriminal sentence, because they know there’s little chance of being caught.
          You want to cut crime, catch more criminals.

          • Andrew, catching them is not the problem – what is needed are more effective punishments to deter them.

        • Goodness.
          Some people posting here have a severe identity crisis.
          Not only can’t they distinguish one person from anothet, they don’t know who they are themselves.

      • Andrew – it’s a pity the parent/s of theses individuals do not taken their responsibilities seriously. However, this is Thanet so you can continue to blame Government for all its ills rather that root cause which is bad parenting. You need to look at a bigger picture and get out more

    • I’m with you Rico. The amount of graffiti (tagging) in and around Thanet is off the scale 😡. With regard to council only being responsible for graffiti on council property…why don’t they offer a free graffiti cleaning service to homes and businesses for the betterment of the area in what is after all a tourist destination?

      • Better still, get those caught doing it being made to clean it… or else, punished severely (i.e., tarred and feathered).

      • Completely agree. The Council should close and sell off all of the public toilets to fund the cost of cleaning private properties and businesses.

        • A man and a van and the required kit. Such an expensive operation to make the area look more appealing. TDC have been given millions to improve the wellbeing and environment for its residents 🤷🏻‍♂️

          • I remember a time when home owners and businesses took pride in their OWN properties. Why should the Council fund this? Why should my Taxes pay for the rectification of private properties? Too much reliance on the state. Everyone expects everything to be done for them. If you own a property with graffiti on it and you do nothing about it, you should be fined.

          • The millions TDC have been given cannot be used for any non-levelling up projects.
            This equipment is being purchased though – having been approved in the recent budget.

      • TDC is investing in a hot foam treatment that can be used to tackle graffiti. The long term opportunity will be to offer graffiti removal of graffiti from non-council owned objects for a fee.
        That way – the Thanet taxpayer isn’t subsidising private companies not maintaining their property.

        • Is not removing the result of criminal damage really classed as lack of maintenance? Many would likely consider it a waste of time and effort not to mention the money , doing something that has no ill detrimentalceffect on the spbuildings structure or performance and ( in the absence of the artist being caught ) have a good chance of being tagged again.
          Also a councillor calling out companies for lack of maintenance should perhaps be looking into the councils housing stocks condition.

        • Yet when Bansky does it it is feted-even a woman killing a man, cut out of the building & then displayed. Despite it having no more artistic merit than Emin’s rancid bed, or any other reprobate spraying their doodlings on a wall.

  2. If you go abroad you’ll see the same. Venice is smothered, so is Rome (didn’t they invent graffiti?) Cellulose thinners and a cloth removes most of it.The cleanest place I’ve seen is the Isle of Wight.Very little graffiti or litter. T.D.C. could learn a lot from there.

    • I.O.W. is good, but Isle of Man is even better. The local council even hose down the bus shelters daily!

      • Pinky, the IOW has it’s own deprivation problems, and the Isle of Man is full of wealthy tax exiles, so it has money and few of the problems faced by Thanet.
        Of course if your books on 60’s pop culture do really well, you can go live there in tax exile,if only!
        Sometimes you have to hope that God really does work in mysterious ways.

        • I have high hopes for the forthcoming ‘Fings Ain’t What They Used To Be – The Music of Max Bygraves, and how he influenced The Beatles and Bob Dylan.’

          • Certainly literature ain’t what it used to be,if you are trying to get away with that thesis.I would expect it to be placed in the Dewey decimal system, next to the Boris Johnson book on honesty and the Tory MPs guide on interesting tractors to be found on your phone.

  3. Sorry Andrew but lots of graffiti exists on Cojncil property.Take a walk along the seafront from Viking Bay to Dumpton Gap.Every single piece of wall space has been graffitied.I would also say that weeds and litter on industrial scales in alleyways create the setting for a graffiti thinking person.In Surrey they make a point of sweeping,weeding and cutting back greenery to prevent this very problem.

    • Not in Woking or Spelthorne they won’t, as one has gone bust and the other teeters on the brink.
      It really is no point in selectively saying that location A or B is better, I mean I noticed that many of the roads in Wales were in better nick than here, but what would that serve?
      We know that Thanet has problems and it has had them for the best part of 50 years,with Labour and Tory administrations.
      There is a problem over educational attainment.From that well spring of failure springs forth a lack of employability, precarious casual work in the tourist industry,poor housing, an aging population not supported by sufficient people of working age, poor infrastructure etc etc.
      As I have said shouting and complaining without offering workable solutions is as pointless as it is frustrating.
      There are tiny green shoots in that in a very small way TDC is acquiring more social housing, but TDC’s legacy is a baleful one, and in a 4 year cycle, only some of the deficiency can be dealt with.

      • Social housing only blights an area with feral out of control kids completely unsupervised by their unemployed pot smoking baby making parents.. By giving the work shy a brand new house all you are doing is making them less likely to look for work. Why should the rest of us pay our taxes only for it to go on people who contribute zero to society other than breeding hordes of feral kids who will grow up just as entitled because they know that not working pays.

  4. The graffiti problem is disgusting, every road sign etc, it makes the area look a right dump.

        • Unfortunately for him, our seaside shelters have already been refurbished by people with genuine talent thanks to hard-working voluntary groups. I’m sure there’s some crumbling ‘art shelters’ in Margate / Cliftonville for him to help ruin though.

      • Help move a murdered man into a fridge freezer & then do his own brand of urinating up the wall.

  5. If you don’t police an area adequately,it is not social engineering just neglect.
    To social engineer takes effort, not hapless budget cuts

    • Hapless budget cuts with crafted social engineering – to maintain the inflated importance of ad hoc building development , financially benefitting no effort, social engineers without infrastructure then .

      • It’s not the councils which want huge amounts of new housing, it’s the house-builders. Local councils know that most residents don’t want thousands of houses built in their area.

        • But as a committed socialist what is your view on the levels of migration into the uk and the obvious need for housing dor the new arrivals as well as trying to satisfy domestic need? Is it ok for people to have homes only if they are not near you or your ilk?
          Of course one solution would be to build huge estates in desolate parts of the uk that has little or no need for workers and then move the workless households to those estates, building in such areas would be cheaper as the land would be way less expensive, does such an idea appeal to you?

  6. Haven’t seen the little blighters. Must be there & gone before they crawl out of their sink estate.

    Of course these anti-social reports there are nothing new, many years back it was the car park at Sainsbury’s they were congregating & the police have little drives of extra officers every year & then once it calms down remove them until the next lot of complaints arrive.

  7. Just saying what i encountered recently in lovely queens st. Was a police patrol in the street with some currently serving coppers & lookalike police, i asked one member what they were doing and their response was.
    Answers on a postcard please.
    A=were doing an annual patrol
    B=were going to kfc
    C=we patrol for business owners only
    D=cctv dont work here so go away unless you have a complaint
    E=were here doing a sweep i answer are you from council ?
    F=popping into charity shops for a bargain
    G=patrol coppers having a hair cut locally
    H=need to have a toilet break
    I=were here early as it gets violent after sunset
    J=we work 12 hour shifts and dont live local & easily get ratty
    K=were looking into restaurants for a mass copper leaving do
    L=pcso litchfield (the photo social media pcso) was here ! once
    M=were going to visit the rough sleepers in the sea shelters
    N=were ensuring the street is security safe for a market
    O=just counting benches for the summer roughsleep intake
    P=p~~~s fellow,leave us alone !

  8. westwood cross will be a no go area soon when all those thousands of houses are occupied , let alone the pick pockets and shop lifters it will bring to the area

  9. Who would have thought that building cheap housing and filling it with problem families from London would cause issues to the local area. I did not see that coming.

    • It’s not just the unemployed Londoners, Thanet council is also buying up hundreds of properties at Westwood and moving the feral parents with their feral kids into the area. Millions of pounds of Thanet tax payers money is being spent on just a few families. It pays to not work when Labour are in power.
      I feel sorry for the people who have worked and worked, saved a massive deposit only to find out that they are surrounded by the pot smoking unemployed who have been given a free house.

    • It’s not just the unemployed Londoners, Thanet council is also buying up hundreds of properties at Westwood and moving the feral parents with their feral kids into the area. Millions of pounds of Thanet tax payers money is being spent on just a few families. It pays to not work when Labour are in power.
      I feel sorry for the people who have worked and worked, saved a massive deposit only to find out that they are surrounded by the pot smoking unemployed who have been given a free house.

  10. Penalise the parents ( if they’ve got any) which is in doubt , and make sure it’s a stiff punishment, if it’s a fine and they can’t pay make them work it off , plenty of rubbish and filth to get rid of, weeding to be done, dog poo to pick up, they could wear punishment hi-vis, the”single mums “ wouldn’t like that.

  11. Change of subject, there is a young man riding an electric motorbike in and around the Margate Road, Ramsgate area. This is not a battery assisted bike or a scooter, its a motor bike, but electric! It has motor bike tyres, and can probably do 50 to 60 mph, and is mostly seen on the pavement! The rider has no crash helmet,and is most probably not insured. He has over taken me on my Mobility Scooter on the pavement before now, dodging in and out of pedestrians, and young mums with push chairs. Why are the police not stopping him? Can I suggest they should use a Gladiator type net, to bring him down?

  12. This is what cutting funding to youth programs will do… It leaves us with hordes of bored teenagers who have lost all hope for a better future! The irony is that it’s going to cost us way more in the long run in increased policing, graffiti removal, etc. Ms Pink, I remember seeing you being very vocal about not spending money on youth programs… This one’s on you babes.

  13. Not down to the idiot riding on the pavement or his parent(s) . If the individual has any sense or decency he would find something positive to do, and I blame his upbringing, unfortunately parenting has hit an all time low

  14. You stand more chance of seeing an American bald Eagle in thanet than you are police not driving by in a car, which alone is a rare occasion. Tory tax cuts Tory austerity Tory management of this country has lead us to not have the ability to defend ourselves as a nation, not be able to feed ourselves high interest rates Services diminishing or being cut or cancelled, no police an over stretched education system, NHS which lacks huge funding,, but they want to cut National insurance and taxes without which there cannot be even the level of poor standards we have now. We are worse off then the country was in 1950. Get them out, not just government but the country.

  15. Ah say hold on thar Ms Prissy Pink. We need more police patrols? More effective punishments? But we mustn’t blame the goddamn tories? Weelll, after 14 years of con-servative rule we have fewer police, and prisons so overcrowded that criminals ain’t bein’ sent there, and them that are there are bein’ released early. Any of this gettin’ through that pink bonnet of yours? And don’t go blatherin’ on about a tarrin’ and a featherin’, cos I need all my feathers and tar ain’t no good to that thar environment.

  16. You’d like more police patrols Ms Pinkie? I would too. But I think there are a thousand fewer police officers in the UK since 2010, under the tories. And KCC are cutting the number of Community Wardens from 73 to 39 to save money (oh they’re not proper coppers, the old gits whine. Maybe not, but they do a great job where I live). Stiffer punishments as a deterrent? Maybe. But the whole tar and feather, flog ’em and put ’em in the stocks thing is just the usual frustrated rant of us decent folks, being abused by scallies on the street while the real villains rob us quietly from their tax havens. Meanwhile the actual real deterrent, prison (no it’s not a holiday camp reel wurld), isn’t quite such a threat because they’re so overcrowded that courts are directed not to hand down custodial sentences, and prisoners are being released early to make room. And that’s on the tory watch too. So yes, blame the hooligans, and the parents, but you can also blame the conservatives, because they’ve been in power for the last 14 years, are taxing us all to record levels and with seemingly nothing to show for it. I can see no joined up thinking with the local planning. There’s no excuse for bad behaviour, it’s disrespectful, selfish and ignorant. But my (now old, mostly tory, brexiteer and grumpy) generation would jump on motorbikes or scooters and beat each other up on Margate sands, attack policemen and terrify tourists. Now hundreds of homes are dumped on farmland in the middle of the island, with nowhere for the teens to go and nothing to do but make a nuisance of themselves at Westwood Cross, and we’re all fuming.

  17. Mr Grip, you’re the conscience of us all. I wish I could do something. Perhaps Ms Pink could take some of those poor teens from Westwood, show them where the parks and beaches are, and maybe introduce them to some Working Class Folk if they meet any on the way. If only government funding could be found for that Madame Tussauds Checkers Plays Pop Waxwork Museum of 60s Beat Artists that someone suggested a while back, that would keep the little bighters from mischief!

  18. While I’m here, I keep reading scurrilous ramblings suggesting Peter and Ms Pink are one and the same entity. How can this be? Only if the truth is like a modern retelling of that Robert Louis Stevenson story. Dr Checkers and Ms Pink. Mild mannered Dr Checkers is poring over some dusty old documents (acquired well under their value from an antiquarian bookseller, played by Peter Cushing, who accepts the paltry offer, but with a knowing look) listing some lost Dave Clark Five recordings from 1967. He slurps too much green tea in one gulp, and suddenly finds himself bursting out of a dress, as a seemingly feminist laaady, but actually ready to do battle with snowflakes and liberals everywhere via his/her trusty keyboard…if only we knew. But then again , some things are best left as a mystery.

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