Council expected to agree purchase of former hotel in Ramsgate to create temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation plan for the former hotel in Ramsgate

Thanet council plans to increase its homelessness accommodation with the purchase of the former Glendevon Hotel in Ramsgate.

Cabinet members will discuss the purchase at a meeting on March 14.

The property in Truro Road has recently been refurbished and includes seven self-contained rooms, each with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom/living area. A report to Cabinet members says the owner has indicated acceptance of an offer of £650,000.

Foy House Photo TDC

The aim would be to replicate the Foy House accommodation in Margate which provides eight self-contained 1 and 2 bedroom flats for individuals and families with urgent housing needs, who are being supported by the council.

A further £45,000 will be used to adapt the Ramsgate property, bringing the total scheme costs to £695,000.

Last year £2.2m was agreed for the council’s capital programme for a second temporary accommodation  project following the success of Foy House.

The council also bought the former Oasis refuge in Edgar Road, with the final tranche of funding from the Cliftonville intervention programme (Live Margate) with the intention of converting to a further 16 homes.

The property is being used by the RISE homelessness service for rough sleeping support, with combined services on site until March 2025 with the housing project planned to start on site for the conversion works in April 2025.

As of 25th January this year, there were 288 Thanet households in temporary accommodation. Of those, 171 households were placed outside of Thanet.

Thanet council deputy leader Cllr Helen Whitehead said: “The need to support our residents with further in-house temporary accommodation is essential. Families and individuals need to be close to their loved ones, their schools, their work, their community.

“Growing our in-house temporary accommodation provision that began with Foy House is a key priority and we will continue to prioritise this.

“Long term homes are our continual goal, and our new acquisitions strategy is producing council housing at a significant rate, with 123 future council homes secured in only four months, but we have to support residents now.

“Growing our in-house temporary accommodation is the way forward and keeping residents in area and connected to their support systems is vital to the health of our community.”

There are plans to look for a third temporary accommodation building and exploration of how individual properties might be bought for use by people who have pets.

Cllr Whitehead said: “We are exploring how best we can support the broad range of residents who require temporary accommodation services, including looking at how we can support those with pets to ensure families can stay together.”

The acquisition of the property in Truro Road will be discussed by Cabinet members at Thanet council on March 14.

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  1. and will these homeless people be expected to find work , and to contribute to society ? i think we know the answer to that dont we .

  2. The key word is “homeless”. All sorts of people, old, young, men, women, families, find themselves homeless. Not least because of the notorious Section 21 “no fault” eviction notices.

    • Of course you could read the relevant legislation and understand what Section 21 really is , rather than the alarmist tag given by the media. But hey why let a few facts get in the way of wayward opinion.
      If the funds aren’t made available to reform the court process , the loss of section 21 will just hasten the number of landlords selling up ( a ground for mandatory possession even after s21 is repealed). Section 21 is the best way of dealing with anti social tenants that blight the lives of those around them, there is still ongoing discussion within government as to how you dealcwith such cases , neighbours are unlikely to give evidence against the antisocial , as such gaining sufficient evidence for eviction is going to be very difficult.

  3. They better be for Thanet homeless people and not for anyone else ,if you know what l mean.

  4. agreed to a point , but most of the people i see sitting in shop doorways with thier hand out look very similar to me ?

    • Yes, they did used to clean shoes etc. and doff a cap and bow and scrape in 1900s. When there was always the Workhouse. We have ex-service people on the streets, perhaps suffering from what they gained fighting for Queen/King and country. There was a covenant for local authorities to house men women and families of ex-service people You are in the wrong century my dear.

      • And you believe that ex-service people on the streets are better than work houses?

        As for cleaning shoes, if they do a good job I’d throw them £1 or so. When they beg, I just walk past them.

  5. I really do think ‘real world’ought to read Charles Dickens and then the social survey of York in 1901, because we have returned to the bad old days of casualised precarious employment,a housing stock in poor condition and rack rent landlordism.
    It is quite possible to be homeless and in work.There is an unseen section of people sofa surfing,living in cars or even in some cases in sheds.
    Real world and his friends maybe I am alright jack, with good pensions,the triple lock, and the benefit of mortgage free home ownership, but a growing number are not.
    Since 1979 the divide between rich and poor has become a chasm.
    Yes, in the short term a decline in landlordism would create problems but it would also lower house prices so that ‘hard working families’ can get on the housing ladder and enable local authorities to snap up real estate like this at reasonable prices and repurpose it.
    I think it’s time that the Real worlds of this world stop making threats and instead offer solutions.
    There are solutions and it requires action, grip,a plan, and an open mind towards solutions when they present them selves.
    I do hope TDC get a really good survey on this property and do not buy a lemon.

    • Given the state of the Oasis building , the amount of time the asbestos removers where there and the electricians soon after, not forgetting the anount TDC paid for it, that may well end up being a bit of a lemon.
      A quick look on the property portals would suggest there are 8-12 ex authority flats on the open market for under £150k , they’d look good value and bring permanent homes much faster than the other schemes.

      • Council property was not for sale, nor should it be. The Poor are Always with us, a good book, try reading it.

  6. The winter Gardens would house all the homeless in thanet, and its near to walk to the council offices to assist them back to work and into a home of their own. With little to no money, how will they get to government departments in Margate?

    • The tunnels which landed TDC in front of the ICO and ended up with an out of court settlement and NDA in respect of the councils conduct ( about 10 years ago)? In the machinations that ensured they ended up in the hands of the current operator.

  7. Amazingly the council find money to buy buildings again but not to upkeep the island!

    Oh and look who’s the face again!

  8. Some of the comments against this article are shocking. How anyone can read an article about how TDC is helping our homeless families and think it’s a bad thing is beyond me.
    There are currently over 1600 families and individuals in ‘housing need’ in Thanet and TDC have made tackling this a priority.
    It will be money well spent as housing precariousness has a hugely negative on educational, health and productivity outcomes.
    Keep up the good work housing team!

    • No answer to the question regarding getting from Ramsgate to margate to deal with improving their situation?

    • Would you care to define “in housing need” and give numbers who actually don’t have a roof over their head, are in temporary accomodation out the area, temporary accomodation within the area, those on the housing list wanting soical housing, those in social housing wanting alternate accomodation.

      Using catch all figures is disengenuous, many people in thanet work hard to keep a roof over their families head and would ideally like a better property but can’t afford to move, perhaps we should have figures on the numbers in such need but who are forgotten.

  9. I don’t know why you are shocked Kristian. I would have thought you would by now understand the community that you have been elected to serve.

    Some months ago I raised the issue of the Council needing to buy ‘readymade’ properties rather than filling property developers pockets with dosh.
    I identified a property on the Eastcliff of Ramsgate in Victoria Road that was already designed as accommodation for vulnerable people and it was empty.

    I am delighted that TDC is finally pulling its finger out and after years of failure in housing local people and that the emergency accommodation is local and not up country!

    The situation for housing local people is appalling.

  10. The situation for housing local people is appalling.

    As is the situation regarding the attitiudes of many of those who seek public support but have no interest in bettering their lot in life by learning new skills and improving their standard of education, preferring instead to just sit idly by waiting for life to be handed to them on a plate.
    A nation that has turned perfectly natural apprehension, trepidation, wariness, caution, anxiety etc etc into mental health issues that require medical i tervention , rather than a decent education that equips people with the ability to analyse situations and tasks in a manner to break them down into manageable chunks ,is walking down a blimd alley. Similarly the lack of value given by too many to the worth of education condemns such people to a life of low achievement and more likely to be reliant on the state, all the time the state is there to reinforce that belief of support things will just get worse.

    • Unfortunately, it’s an American trend, and we follow everything they do – when smoking bans and gay marriage were introduced over there, you KNEW it would happen here within a few years (watch out for the legalisation of cannabis!). Why can’t we be more like our French neighbours just across the channel – proud, independent people, who love their language and culture, and don’t apologise to anyone!

      • Why bringing gay marriage in the conversation? And what do you know about the French besides what you read in the Daily Mail?

        • I visit France regularly… and I used gay marriage as just one of many daft things we’ve adopted from the yanks (I’ll welcome it the day they perform gay marriages in mosques!).

  11. Sure, your trip to Dunkirk once a year makes you such an expert commentator on the French psyche…because of course you will also speak French, and will have French relatives, or work or study colleagues. By the way, how come that you travel abroad and not stay in the green and pleasant land, spending your hard earned money on Great British businesses…? Um.

    And of course, your gay marriage comment now is not homophobic…and the comment about mosques is also not Islamophobic whataboutery…

    By the way, do same-sex weddings take place in CoE churches…? Dont get confused with blessings…

    • What have you got against the French? I only say good things about these fine people, something you seem to have a problem with. Get back to your Daily Mail, bigot!

      • Hahahahahah yeah, I am the racist now hahahahahahah the Islamophobe says hahahahabaah you backpedaling? I only have a problem with your constant racist and far-right pontification. Funny how you deflect any answers whenever you are called out, Jean Mary Le Pink

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