Properties in St Nicholas at Wade, Acol, Minster and Monkton without water for second day

Water supply

Some properties in Acol, Minster and Monkton and all customers in St Nicholas at Wade are without water for a second day due to issues with the water treatment process at Wingham Water Supply Works.

Customers in Adisham, Ash, Aylesham, Bekesbourne and Bridge are also affected. The total number of properties affected is more than 6000.

Southern Water say: “Teams are on-site and have been working through the night to address the issue. Their efforts will continue throughout today.”

There are two bottled water stations. However, these are at New Dover Road Park and Ride, Canterbury and Aylesham Leisure Centre, meaning many people are unable to get to them from Thanet.

One resident told Southern Water: “We desperately need a water collection point in Minster village. The water collection point you’re currently suggesting we collect from is 14 miles away from the village!

“That’s a 25 minute drive (if you have a car) & a 6 hour walk there and back if you don’t have a car!”

Bottled water is being delivered to some customers.


Southern Water say: “Many of our customers in these areas are being supported by a fleet of water tankers, however due to demand, there may be periods of intermittent supply.

“Some households who cannot be supported in this way at this time, will instead receive bottled water deliveries today.

“Meanwhile all customers on our priority service register will receive deliveries.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused and are working as quickly as we can to put it right.”

In Minster households with water are offering help to those without and regular updates are appearing on the Marvellous Minster facebook page.

If you feel you should have received a bottled water delivery and have not, please call 0330 303 0368.


  1. I must say southern water have been very good about this.

    I have had about 4 texts messages about this and bottled water delivery yesterday evening.

    • You are happy that Southern Water,yet again,are making a cock up of supplying water to its customers.You smuggly boast about how this fine company are keeping you supplied with information and water.Are you an employee,by any chance?

      • Doris – give ie a rest! These things happen and nothing we can do about it. Read the reason for this problem. You have never lived or worked in a country like Sudan where life is very tough on water front as I found out. Be grateful!!

  2. The large number of elderly, frail and disabled customers in Minster who have no way of getting to Canterbury or have never heard of the priority services register, including my 93 year old mother, are up the creek without a paddle then.

  3. Mr Chance, you sound like a shareholder of southern water.
    In the real world if ever there was a company that was NOT fit for purpose it must be Southern Water. They are less than useless.
    Unadulterated useless of the highest order. Privatised con artists.

  4. I’m so sorry I forgot these comments section are only for people to moan on and not to express anything good.

    I’m sorry southern water have texted me 4 times. I’m also sorry that I and my neighbours recieved bottles of water yesterday.

    I’m not defending southern waters track record its is terrible.

    But on this occasion I feel the response has been good for our area. Sorry for giving praise I’ll remember only to post negative things in the future.

    I sincerely hope that any of you with problems get it sorted quickly

  5. Useless they know st nicholas had no water at all, but woukd bulk drop, i offered to go and get a van load for the village, but no response. A data breach and water failure in a week, and a monopoly on water. They are not interested in customers, just profit

  6. They are a total disgrace and not fit for purpose.
    Where’s that good old stock pic of the one and only SW van gone Kathy? 🙂

  7. If the phone number to southern water was not working how did Mr Chance report he had no water? And how did southern water obtain Mr Chance number to text him 4 times. ?

  8. Oh Mr Chance, don’t be like that all customers should be a priority I would have thought. This site is not toxic it’s just no one likes it if one’s opinion is different to theirs. It called free speech.

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