Clip ‘n’ Climb Thanet on the move to new location after lease surrender agreement

Clip 'n Climb Thanet Team at the opening in 2022

Clip ‘n’ Climb Thanet at Westwood Retail Park will be moving from its current premises next month.

The 5,000 sq ft fun climbing centre has announced it is on the move after accepting an offer to surrender the lease “due to the expansion of a national supermarket chain.”

The climbing arena is based next door to the Food Warehouse.

In a message on its social media page Thanet Clip ‘n’ Climb said: “Clip ‘n Climb Thanet will be packing away the harnesses and taking down the ropes, on the 4th March. Rest assured that this is not the end!

“Due to the expansion of a national supermarket chain, we have accepted an offer to surrender our lease and continue the adventure elsewhere. This transition just marks the beginning of a new chapter, and we will welcome you all to a new location soon.

“We are still looking forward to seeing you at our discounted evening sessions and our remaining weekends.”

Centre manager Tom Hickman said: “We are so grateful for the community’s support over the past two years and have loved welcoming so many of you to the centre.

“We are thrilled to have been able to introduce thousands of people, young and old, to a new activity and develop the sport of climbing in Thanet.”

Updates on the relocation and progress will be shared on Clip ‘n’ Climb Thanet’s website and social media channels in due course. The team looks forward to welcoming climbers to a revitalised and exhilarating space in the near future.

The centre opened in March 2022 and welcomed some 500 customers over its first weekend.

Clip ‘n’ Climb head office has been contacted to ask for further details about  location plans and whether staff will be retained.


  1. People’s waistlines aren’t expanded enough already? How ironic-chucking out something for improving health, just so Iceland can fit more junk food in their store.

    You wouldn’t think that 10% of the world is going hungry, with the way these huge chains carry on.

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