Emergency crews called to Ramsgate after car lands on roof in crash

Emergency crews attended the scene Photo Crystal Venus

Emergency services attended a crash in Ramsgate this morning (February 20) where a car ended up on its roof.

The driver had collided with other vehicles in the road just after 5am today before flipping over. Kent Police say no serious injuries were reported although the driver was taken to hospital for further checks.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report that a car had collided with parked vehicles in Belmont Road, Ramsgate shortly after 5.20am on Tuesday 20 February.

“Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and Kent Fire and Rescue Service and the road was closed while the incident was responded to.

“No serious injuries were reported and the road was reopened at around 7.15am.”

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson added: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 5.39am to reports of a crash in Belmont Road, Ramsgate. One fire engine attended, and crews made the scene safe.”

Firefighters finished at the scene at 6.39am.

A Secamb spokesperson said: “Ambulance crews attended the scene and one person was assessed and treated before being taken to William Harvey Hospital for further checks.”


    • And a one way street so no worries about oncoming traffic, hardly needs sherlock to suggest they put their foot down on a clear road, but clearly weren’t in control. Hopefully they were properly insured and their insurers make good on the losses of the owners of the other vihicles that were hit promptly.
      If they weren’t insured, put them back in the car and crush it.

  1. Shame it wasn’t the driver who decided to overtake along Newington Rd first thing this morning.

    Driving standards are atrocious!

  2. There was a driver rampaging around Hereson road garage and up Muir road. The car sounded like a DIY sports car, if you understand what I mean 🤨

    I am waiting for the time some wannabe Lewis Hamilton totals into the cars along the small roads off Hereson 🧐

  3. At least the driver had the consideration,to go the correct way along the one-way street.That is excellent driving,by Thanet standards.

  4. I’m not sure Belmont rd could be described as a ‘dangerous road.’ And why wasn’t the driver taken to the QEQM? I thought the A+E dept. has just been upgraded.

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