Investigation after two disabled women assaulted on Ramsgate to London train

Detectives would like to speak to these two women

British Transport Police detectives are investigating an assault on two disabled women travelling together on board a train from Ramsgate to London.

The incident took place on Saturday 9 September on the 6.20pm train service from Ramsgate to London St Pancras International.

On boarding the service at Ramsgate, it is reported one of the women parked a powered wheelchair in the designated bay area and then moved herself onto a seat.  The second woman parked her mobility scooter in the designated bay area opposite the wheelchair and remained seated on the scooter.

When the train arrived at Margate railway station, at around 6.30pm, two women travelling together boarded the service which now only had standing room.  The first victim, who was sitting in a passenger seat, was approached by one of the women and was asked to give up her seat. When she explained that she was unable to, she was assaulted.

Soon after the other woman approached the second victim, who was sitting on her mobility scooter, and assaulted her.

Both women left the service at around 7.45pm when the train arrived at Gravesend railway station.  Both victims continued their journey to London St Pancras, but due to injuries, were met by an ambulance and taken to hospital for treatment.

Officers believe the two women in images now released may have information which could help their investigation.

If you recognise them, or have any information, please contact BTP by texting 61016 or by calling 0800 40 50 40, quoting reference 2300106371.

Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


  1. Name and shame here…….

    Unfortunately abuse of disabled people online, in society is rife. It will always then boil over to nonsense like this.

      • Again this doesn’t surprise me. Voting habits of the nation show me it’s “I’m alright Jack” culture and the majority see disabled people as a drain to society. Probably cheered them on.

        Disgusting all round and anyone present should be ashamed

    • Don’t do that-it would prejudice any trial & innocent people who look similar could be named, leading to problems for them. If people have information then call the police & give them the names you suspect.

  2. So, the guard didn’t walk through the train at all between Margate and Gravesend? And people claim that they’re needed for people’s safety…

    • Do they even have them any longer? Swingeing Tories even wanted to close the ticket offices & get rid of other vital staff.

        • But can come in handy if the machines are broken, for people unable to order tickets online or operate the machines, the disabled etc.

        • Hang on… that’s disingenuous. You really don’t know if they’re off duty travelling to work. Just because you see someone in a uniform, it’s no indication that they are on duty. This is akin to complaining about police officers and ambulance drivers when seen purchasing a doughnut in Greggs.

  3. These two ugliest faces look local. Let’s hope the police find them soon. How could others on a PACKED Train stand by and NOT help ?????

  4. Either these two are total thickos who don’t understand what being disabled means, or they just scumbags who wanted to pick on the most vulnerable in society.

    But as somebody else said how disgusting that nobody wants to get involved-not even to pull the emergency stop cord. I was reading about a case the other day here where a guy raped a drunk lady on a tube train in the early hours, while a tourist with his young son just watched it happen, previously he had tried to sexually assault two other women-yet nobody reported it.

  5. what a vile place this country has become , i hope that when / if they are ever caught thier names and faces are revealed .

  6. You couldn’t get clearer photos of these vile vermin.The fact that not one person came to the assistance of these victims,says everything.These mugshots need posting on social media.

  7. My lord, look at the state of them both. Imagine being one of their children, recognising mum in the paper and knowing that she is, just before Christmas, going to be charged with assaulting a disabled person. Nice one Mum.

  8. I am severely disabled, and also have 3 eye diseases, this last week as I was going up Margate Road from the Ramsgate viaduct on my mobility scooter, a builder parked his van on the dropped kerb, as I was on a traffic island! This meant riding down the road, instead of on the pavement, a dangerous manoeuvre in the traffic! In the last year I had a woman deliberately open her car doors in a single lane road, to obstruct me, while all the time shouting unintelligibly! I shouted for help, and she eventually shut the car doors! Would she had done this if I was 30 years younger in my 50’s instead of in my 80’s? In another case as was riding along Margate Road near the Viaduct, I saw a man ahead with a white Staffordshire Bull Terrier. As I approached the man, I slowed down, and the dog suddenly leapt up hitting me on the shoulder, nearly knocking me off my scooter. Its jaws were an inch from my face, and neck before the man managed to pull him off me. And I have only been using a mobility scooter for about 18 months, and don’t get me started by the amount of times I have been nearly hit by idiots riding bikes on the pavement, one whilst texting!

    • They probably would-they are just obnoxious, self absorbed individuals. The abysmal parking people do-especially with big vans these days is ludicrous, makes crossing the roads far more dangerous as a pedestrian.

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