Council launches search for operator of ‘Green Campus’ scheme at Ramsgate Port

Green Campus early design by JKA

Thanet council has launched the search for an operator for its Green Campus scheme at Ramsgate Port which will create spaces for training, enterprise and light industry along Military Road.

The project is part of Ramsgate’s £19.8m Levelling Up programme granted by government in October 2021.

The Green Campus aim is to make the most of Ramsgate’s maritime heritage, skills and location. It will include a mix of training facilities and workspaces, for both small and established businesses, with opportunities for expansion in the future.

Jan Kattein Architects developed initial design ideas for the Green Campus, which can be reviewed on the council’s website. Members of the public were invited to view the plans and give their feedback at an event which took place on Tuesday 18 July.

At that event Gabriel Warshafsky, from JKA, said: “There will be training and community facilities at the front, a ground floor café, rooms for training sessions and workspace units.

“We are hoping to have space for the Ramsgate Cadets to use and we are looking generally at smaller businesses in maritime and marine skills and offshore wind and green energy.”

The designs displayed showed the core of the Green Campus centred around a south-facing courtyard. At the north of the site, there will be training and seminar spaces and a canteen. Two ‘terraces’ of workspace will line the east and west sides of the courtyard which could be combined to create larger units for anchor tenants.

Campus image TDC

Some £9,615,100 of Levelling Up funding has been earmarked for the port projects with £3.5 million of this for improved port infrastructure.

The council now wants to test the market by engaging with potential operators. This will help inform the proposed operating model and procurement exercise.

The council would like to hear from:

  • Organisations who currently operate workspaces, or are keen to do so
  • Smaller organisations and/or individuals who are interested in forming a new organisation to operate a workspace
  • Interested organisations are invited to complete a questionnaire that will inform the council’s understanding of the market. The aim is to understand whether this opportunity is of interest to relevant and experienced operators.
  • Details of how to register can be found on the council’s website. The deadline for completing the questionnaire is Wednesday 17 January 2023. At this stage this is a market-testing exercise, not a call for competition.
Cllr Ruth Duckworth at a previous event

Cllr Ruth Duckworth, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Property, said: “The Green Campus project will help us to maximise the potential of the Port of Ramsgate. It will attract new businesses to locate to the Port, creating much needed employment and training opportunities, with a maritime focus.

“I am very pleased that we are now able to move to the next phase of the project, and look forward to seeing the results of the operator survey.”

Early designs revealed for £19.8m Levelling Up Fund projects at Ramsgate port, harbour and Newington Community Centre


  1. Aaaaaand here we have it, the first comment dissing the scheme and/or other regeneration ideas!

    Spot on, forgot to add about the coal mining and the leather staining industries! Next stage, gammon processing factory…

  2. Always lots of neg comments re art and cafes. Never any with any better ideas though. The thing is art and cafes are big business these days although it would seem to fail to understand this

  3. I’m so confused. As a business owner, I conceivably operate a ‘workspace’ – so does that mean I could locate there?

    Or if not, what type of businesses do they want?

    They keep banging on about training and it’s called a campus, so do they want education organisations? Or do they want businesses?

    This really has to be one of the worst explained expressions of interest ever, which makes me wonder whether they actually want people to engage, or whether they already have a view on who’ll get the money.

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