Newington youngsters ‘peaceful protest’ as part of environment studies

Newington 'protestors'

Children at Newington Community Primary in Ramsgate have a firm plan of action for helping to protect the environment.

Year 4 pupils have been finding out how to actively convince others that caring for wildlife and woodlands, plants and animals, is vitally important for the planet.

In English studies they have considered the act of ‘persuasion’ through two texts – ‘Wangari’s Tree of Peace’ and ‘Greta and the Giants’ . These are both about saving the environment and persuading other characters to stop cutting down trees.

To act out their actions the children took part in a peaceful protest around their school, just like just like Greta and Wangari.

And they continued their protest and persuasion campaign after receiving a letter from a fictional landscaper called Mr Reynolds who warned them he planned to cut down trees and shrubs in Ramsgate’s beautiful Ellington Park to concrete over and build 200 garages.

Fired up with concern for the woodland, the children worked extremely hard planning and writing him a stern letter protesting against his actions – thankfully their persuasive deeds worked and he agreed to abandon his plans because he was so moved by their arguments.

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor said: “This is a fantastic example of using a variety of initiatives to get across a message in a persuasive way, as well as further endorsing our ongoing message of caring for our environment and our community.”


  1. This is indoctrination to leftist ideology, plain and simple. It is not a good use of funds and is teaching children that people who know next to nothing should tell others what is best.

    Why not have the children learn not to throw empty bags of crisps on the ground? Or better yet, why not have them pick up rubbish to “save the planet”? Or is that too much effort than making colourful signs that ironically go into the bin.

    If my child was in this school, I’d find another school.

    • I also totally agree.
      Get those children to pick up the litter they constantly leave outside my house at school chuck out for a starters. Teach them how to grow their own food for another, not indoctrinate them with unproven ideology.
      My children would have been removed from there with this policy in place if it had happened when they went to Newington. What happened to the 3Rs?

    • What “indoctrination to leftist ideology” would that be? Children should be taught to know about and take care of the environment for an early age.Not all parents teach them these important things, so it’s just as well that at least some schools are.

  2. Oh my, encouraging children to save a dying planet how very dare they. They should be teaching them the benefits of right wing extremist politics instead.the only way forward is to teach them at home to ensure they only have a narrow minded point of view.

  3. I am utterly speechless.
    Proof if ever it were needed that State Education today is nothing but indoctrination. Raising the next generation of Mao’s Red Guards. What next? Sentencing rallies? Forcing all children to publicly self analyse & berate themselves?
    I’ve planted and cared for lots of trees. Unlike “Greta” I suspect. Far better to teach them to grow trees, food and flowers and grasp what practical caring feels like. Good for the immune system too.

    • It’s a school. Create a school garden in which every subsequent generation can learn to care for and see the continuum that is the natural world. To link generations, learn stewardship and have care and pride.

  4. Well done!
    But beware! The State is taking increasingly stringent measures to stifle the voice of protest.
    Those of you who think this is left wing ideology are probably correct.
    The Left is about collective responsibility and involvement. The Right is all about self, to the point of greed.
    It will be a grim day indeed when the voice of the Comman Man is silenced.

    • Collective responsibility? That’s a bit like three people being emailed to do something and each one assumes the other will do it. Everyone is certainly involved like you say though! What a joke.
      Individual Responsibility is what should be taught. We can all make a difference in making this planet a better place, and it starts with our own voluntary actions with meaningful deeds and not with finger pointing of others. Teaching protesting instead of actually doing something meaningful is a total waste of teaching resources and a missed opportunity to teach children the relevance of responsibility.

  5. Great and the Giants is .. “A picture book that retells the story of Greta Thunberg, the Nobel Peace Prize nominee who has led a global movement to raise awareness about the world’s climate crisis, using allegory to make this important topic accessible to young children. “.
    Seems laudable to me, given that “Human fossil fuel emissions are threatening a key climate threshold twice as quickly as previously thought, a new report says.” [BBC]

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