South Thanet MP recovering after induced coma due to sepsis

Craig Mackinlay with wife Kati

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay is recovering after being placed in an induced coma due to sepsis.

The Conservative MP was rushed to hospital with sepsis on September 28 and suffered multiple organ failures.

In a post to social media the father-of-one said: “On Thursday 28 September I was rushed into hospital with the potential for sepsis. This was indeed correct and I was placed into an induced coma with multiple organ failures.

“Treatment has been exemplary by all NHS staff and I can’t thank them enough. I am now on a slow road to recovery with services to constituents maintained by my East Kent and London offices.”

Mr Mackinlay’s last recorded votes in Parliament were on September 12 and his social media accounts had not been updated since September 27.


According to the UK Sepsis Trust, five people are killed by sepsis every hour in the UK, making it one of the country’s biggest killers.

It arises when the body’s response to an infection injures its own tissues and organs. The body’s immune system – which normally helps to protect us and fight infection – goes into overdrive. It can lead to shock, multiple organ failure and sometimes death, especially if not recognised early and treated promptly.

Sepsis primarily affects very young children and older adults, and is also more common in people with underlying health conditions, but it can sometimes be triggered in those who are otherwise fit and healthy.

Sepsis always starts with an infection. It is not known why some people develop sepsis in response to common infections whereas others don’t.

Visit the Sepsis Trust website to see how to spot the signs of sepsis at:



  1. Indeed, wish him well. Must have been a stressful and worrying time for his family.
    Best wishes to all concerned.

  2. Glad to hear that Mr McKinlay received lifesaving treatment on the NHS. I hope he remembers this when voting in parliament so that he, his family and the rest of Thanet can benefit from excellent care going forward. Voting to stop the implementation regulations governing the Health & Care Act 2022 would be the minimum needed.

        • The post I was responding to, which is hoping there will suddenly be some Damascene conversion to his & most of his colleagues in the Conservatives voting record.

  3. NHS , yes let’s sell it off , privatisation, make profit , don’t worry about PPE and such trifling little contracts .McKinley gone with the wind , frankly dear I don’t give a damn

      • I may stand corrected, but my guess is no private hospital could have treated him for Sepsis! I tried to obtain a private operation to my hand, because I had signed a contract to rent a bungalow in Spain for several months some years ago, and the NHS waiting list for the op would have meant returning to the UK, and for a 6 week recuperation period. I couldn’t find a private hospital that could carry out the op, so had to postpone it, and suffer for many months until the NHS carried it out on my return!

        • Indeed you are correct – Moan all you like about it – you may obtain independent ITU treatment , at a cost and maybe with questionable quality

      • Not very likely. People with Sepsis are usually in no condition to make any decisions about anything-considering it is an emergency the NHS take action right away if they diagnose it correctly & hook you up to an IV with antibiotics.

    • Dave, Craig Mackinlay was seriously ill with a life threatening condition. If you haven’t got anything good to say I suggest you keep your own counsel!

        • Well Robert he voted against the lockdowns – which have since been acknowledged to have caused enormous economic, health and mental health destruction to young and old across the UK. Other MPs of all parties were too cowardly to express their own options until way later.

          • Indeed – like Sir Roger Gale, he’s a man of principle, who isn’t afraid to go against the party line to stand up for what he believes in. A good man.

          • And, had there not been lockdowns, how much “economic, health and mental health destruction to young and old ” would there have been, until the rollout of effective vaccines?

          • Can’t you say anything nice about anyone, even at a time like this???

            You really are the lowest of the low.

          • Perhaps when Mr. Mackinlay is better,there could be a second article about him, devoted entirely to his voting history. His political views have nothing to do with his illness and are irrelevant to this article.

      • I have the opine of your comments , however you are entitled to express them , as am I .
        I agree there are times it is best to say nothing – however voting to destroy and rubbish the NHS , only to use it speaks volumes .Maybe he should have tried to get the same treatment through the so called marvellous capitalist independent ( you would say private I’m sure ) system .

        • ‘Destroy and rubbish the NHS’ Well it’s been destroyed from within by tin pot bureaucrats and so called managers who have wasted money left right and centre on building their own little empires.

  4. Robert I’m talking about Craig MacKinlay as an individual with a family not whether he is good or a poor MP.

    • As he is my local MP, I am only interested in him as my representative in the Commons. His family interests are of no concern to me.
      He is known as a brown nose and cravenly backs the Tory government. He is a notorious Brexiteer and hates Europe. That goes against all of my instincts and beliefs. As such, he does not speak for me.

    • I was shocked to hear of craig mackinlays life threatening illness, although our politics are different, he is a human being with a young family, I wish him a speedy and full recovery.

  5. Regardless of political views I wish Craig well curious to know which NHS hospital he was in as I saw no mention of it as praise for the hospitals treatment is good for them as so many get bad treatment from the press (Isle of Thanet News) exempted as there coverage is fairly balanced in my opinion.

  6. Freedom of opinion and speech people, although the Tories media censorship is quite to a Russian level yet, it’s getting there. The deceitful corrupt scamps.

  7. Really,I knew this would happen.I am a trenchant critic of Craig MacKinlay,but in this case he deserves our sympathy,as sepsis is a killer.It can be mistaken for flu, and COVID can in some circumstances,cause the body to shut down with sepsis, so, yes, the lockdowns though inconvenient and costly,did ensure there were fewer cases like Craig’s.Your best defence against this happening to you, especially if you are old like me is to get your flu and COVID shots to prevent runaway infection.They are free, easy to obtain and very effective.Of course if you do not believe in COVID, carry on and take your chances.
    Craig may be reappraising his views on public services and other matters.He may having a damascene conversion, during his long recuperation.I hope he is, but we shall see.I think we should let him quietly ruminate and recover.

  8. Hope springs eternal Robert.Nobody survives something like that and remains the same.He’s touched the void and may now begin to understand how tenuous life really is.The older you become the less confident you are of life’s supposed certainties.Craig may have been jolted out of one track and may be considering his options, who knows?

  9. I’m certainly no fan of the Tories – the present government are an embarrassing,
    utter shambles- and people are fully entitled to criticise their MP on his performance as their elected representative. But some of the comments posted here relating to his illness go way, way beyond what should be regarded as acceptable. Those who wrote them are lower than pond life.

    • Criticising an MP does not constitute being pond life. You are not a great fan of free speech are you Mr Munson?
      If McKinley is not up to the job as an MP due to his ill health then he should stand down. It stands to reason.

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