Margate Museum shut while roof repairs take place

Inside Margate Museum (Photo TDC)

Margate Museum is currently closed due to a leak in the roof which is also affecting the electrics.

The building, which is owned by Thanet council, is undergoing repair works.

Nearby Tudor House is also shut after damage from a burglary at the beginning of this year.

Margate Museums Trust is asking Thanet council to grant the leaseholds for both buildings under a Community Asset Transfer.

Trustee Robin Haddon said: “It is a great disappointment we had to close due to weathering over the many years of this very special heritage building, now affecting the electrics.

“The timing was bad as it was the term break and lots of visitors would have been put out by this enforced closure. Last year we had record attendance at this time, especially the Tudor House, which too is closed due to burglary damage that has not been repaired some 9 months on from being reported.

Tudor House Photo TDC

“Unfortunately, building maintenance and responsibility is not under the control of the museum’s Trust as Thanet council is the freeholder, all the more reason for the museum building and Tudor House to be transferred as a community asset and entrusted to the Margate Museums Trust charity so that due care and relevant maintenance can be applied on a regular basis as well as grant fundraising in order to totally refurbish and enhance the museums offering from both a physical and artefact viewpoint.

“The council is being very co-operative in working on a rapid repair to the leaking roof and in the meantime, the Trust wish to thank the Information Centre for their offer of space to hold some of our committed events for public consumption.”

Despite the closure the museum team did manage to hold a successful guided walk marking the  94th anniversary of Margate’s ‘murder at The Metropole’

Writer Glenn Chandler – best known as the creator of TV detective series Taggart –  staged his play of the true life crime tale at Margate Museum in June and he returned during the half term for a book signing.

There ‘crime location’ tour focused on the story of Sidney Fox and the murder of his mother Rosaline at the Margate Metropole Hotel on October 23, 1929.

Sidney Harry Fox was a forger, a thief, and a compulsive liar. He supported his mother Rosaline to whom he was devoted. When money ran out, they travelled the country together, living the high life while defrauding hotels.

Book signing

On 16 October 1929 they arrived in Margate and checked into the Metropole, by the jetty. Seven days later, Rosaline Fox was found dead in her burning bedroom. Though there were no marks whatsoever on her, the Home Office pathologist Sir Bernard Spilsbury claimed she had been strangled to death.

Sidney was charged with her murder although the evidence was questionable.

Sidney appeared at the magistrates court – now within Margate Museum –before being tried at Lewes Crown Court, found guilty and hanged in 1930.

The walk was led by Jo Edgington who previously conducted Murky Margate’ tour.


    • How many millions for Dreamland & Turner? Yet the crumbling Winter Gardens-only very belatedly given a highly insufficient few hundred thousand, Hartsdown Leisure Centre-closed for over a year due to roof problems, Tudor House, Margate Museum & basic road safety measures have to go begging for piddling amounts & wait ages to see if they are granted it.

      You can bet if the roof of Dreamland or Turner had issues, it would be repaired immediately.

  1. Agree Ms.Pink. It’s a shame that you didn’t publish this story on Friday. Would have saved me a wasted trip. I do hope they get the funding required and the roof is repaired before further damage is done.

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