Public consultation over 500 homes and secondary school plan for Westwood Village phase two

Westwood Village phase 2 consultation

A public consultation will be held next week over plans for a 500 home build in phase two of the Westwood Village project.

The scheme forms part of 1,400 homes on the Westwood Village site. Phase one, submitted by Greenacre (Thanet) Ltd  for 900 homes, gained planning permission in 2020.

The Westwood Village phase one project to build 900  homes, a primary school, shops, hotel and pubs is being phased over 10 years.

Rooksmead Residential is in the process of preparing a planning application for the remaining 500 homes and a 6FE secondary school on land South of Manston Court Road and west of Haine Road, Margate.

The plan also includes open space and landscaping and infrastructure work with a new spine road. There will be public transport links and junction improvement at A256 Haine Road/New Haine Road and Star Lane/Haine Road (including a dual lane link between them).

Rooksmead intend to submit the outline application to Thanet council next month with a decision anticipated by April 2024.

A public event to explain the plans will be held at Manston Village Hall in Preston Road on October 18 from 3.30pm to 7.30pm.

Find out more on the development website at

900 home, shops and hotel Westwood Village scheme

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  1. Bet school is never built,always the same ,promise things ,to get ,planning permission.Once they get it ,always drop the extras,like affordable housing ,schools ,doctors surgeries etc. This will be no different

  2. The condition should be the school gets built 1st . Then the houses but in the real world it won’t happen. Yet individuals have to follow the rules.

  3. Isn’t there a blooming great runway just a few hundred yards away?
    Will the school have triple glazing and air-conditioning in every classroom?

  4. 1. Arrange Public consultation.
    2. Tick box ‘done’
    3. File any paperwork under irrelevant.
    4. Continue with original plan.

  5. The purpose changes to thanet are not the thanet I like. Once I retire I’m off !

    Thanet will become wall to wall houses, lacking in infrastructure. These homes are not for locals due the cost of them. So local young people will have to move out and others from other areas move in.

    Once thanet gets over the fiasco of manston airport it will be to late and thanet will stagnate once it’s gone bust again. Thanet has put all its eggs in one basket once this fails again than what ?

    Thanet is now seriously getting over run with new houses, this once wonderful area will turn into a grid locked island full of car exhaust and planes fumes.

    • Wherever you plan to retire to, of course there won’t be similar problems to? The grass is greener comes to mind? 😛

    • Young people tend to move around, if they can, particularly if, like in Thanet, they are surrounded by UKIP sorry Tory-voting bores who insist on imposing on them minimum-wage, health-harming jobs in an environmental graveyard.

  6. The infrastructure improvements basically are only outside the site that they are constructing. As said in ten years time your probably get around quicker by walking . Sittingbourne has the same problem 1 single road though the town yet 1000s of homes have been built and no land left for road improvements.

    • House building is endemic in England at the moment. It doesn’t matter where you go, you’ll find much the same.

        • Your rubbish Ms Pink (AKA Peter Checksfield) Wasn’t it Johnson’s Tory government that instructed all local governments accept millions more house building? I will stand corrected but wasn’t this something in the region of 17,000 in Thanet?

          • “Your” or “you’re”?

            Go visit Isle of Mann, Isles of Scilly, Seahouses and Berwick-upon-Tweed – just 4 places I’ve been to recently that have no or very little house building. It is all concentrated in the south, which is why Starmer’s housebuilding policy will be popular with Northern voters but not down here.

  7. Will this lunacy ever end in Thanet,roads already gridlocked wherever you go in Margate, there is a limit to how much farmland can be used before this country realise its a big mistake, we need to grow more of our own foods yet building on fields-not logical and who are these houses for? QEQM gp surgeries are overwhelmed and schools cannot cope with population now so once these houses already being built are occupied what then, pollution must be up higher with traffic fumes since this deluge of buiding started and trees felled everywhere does no good

  8. Oh a school to help push it through, nice ploy – What about Police, Fire, Doctors/Hospital, power station, water treatment/drainage/supply, etc etc etc
    More pressure put on the already struggling local infrastructure so we will all suffer in the end.
    NHS waiting lists – Can’t see a doctor now when you need.
    Glad I’m old and leaving this messed up planet soon – It’s my grandkids I worry about.

  9. There is only one place to build that will have enough area to accommodate homes, apartments, schools, doctors, dentists,park area, community centers, local store and more. This area will not even upset anyone as an area to build on, provide thousands of jobs for decades and bring huge revenue to the area and tax coffers. MANSTON MULTIPLE TIME FAILED AIRFIELD #BUILDONBROWNFIELDBUILDONMANSTON.

  10. And the Labour leader is saying he will only build houses with Schools & GP Surgeries etc, again I say BS.
    Oh Steve if you bother to read the Local Plan it states Manston is only to be used as an airport and not housing.

  11. Build the school, GP Surgery, road infrastructure and sewerage system first, before a brick is laid to build the first house or risk what has happened on other house building sites at Westwood, not being completed and the companies going in to administration, with a whole list of snagging not being completed.

    • Excellent observation, too sensible for local planners, and too much commitment required from KCC for your sensible view to be taken on board.

  12. It’s easy to build a GP surgery but try finding a GP to work there. Thanet is already short of over 20 GPs for the surgeries we already have. And it’s only going to get worse with several current ones coming up for retirement.

    And it’s very easy to say “public transport links” but look how many services have already been axed in recent years. How are they going to provide these public transport links.

    All empty promises just to get the houses built.

    And Thanet is different to many other parts of the country as we are surrounded on three sides by water so there is only a finite amount of land on which to build. Yes, more housing is needed but there has to be a different approach. Turn empty high streets into more housing. Make sure all empty space above shops is used for housing. Increase taxation on second homes.

    • They are axed because so few people use them. Bus fares are now £2 almost everywhere, yet buses are no busier.

  13. This is what 13 years of Tory government looks like, high inflation, stagnant growth bordering on recession, higher numbers of homeless, higher number of migration, shortage of social housing, rents escalating, broken promises, cuts, cuts, cuts, rob Peter to pay paul, but on a good note, the wealthy are getting wealthier, I am pleased I do worry about the rich. Britain and British politics is officially broken, due to a succession of poor leadership, many of which were not even voted for.

    • I used to be poor, but I’ve become reasonably well-off thanks to a Tory government that encourages hard work and enterprise. How about you, Stevie?

  14. I’ve always worked hard my dear, and everything I have built has nothing to do with government miss misguided, it is in spite of. The government should put country and it’s people first. I notice you comment on almost every subject posted, which is your right, however opinions are like bum holes, everyone has one, shame some are very miss guided and brain washed. I owe no thanks to government for what I have my dear.

    • “Your” is a form of the possessive case of you, used as an attributive adjective.

      “You’re” is a combination of the words, “you” and “are”. This is called a contraction. So, whenever you see the word you’re, you can read it as you are and it will.

      Try to learn the difference, and you might undeerstand peoples’ replies better.

  15. In 2007, the originalNewington infant school was closed, because’there was going to be a new improved school and doctors surgeries! In 2023 it still hasn’t happened, and a perfectly good school was lost. Thant time certainly runs slower than anywhere else I have lived.

  16. Actually there are more people on the buses, but bus lanes are sinister according to Rishi Sunak and Mark Harper.
    The isle of Man is a tax haven and has a tiny population,all the other places the Pink Checksfield names, are very nice,but they are not in Thanet,and the problem is here in Thanet.If we all migrated to these wonderful places,you mentioned, they would have the same problems .The problem is not the migration,but is instead how we respond to it.While we continue to insist on treating land and housing, as solely the province of investment opportunities,we will continue to build poor housing with minimal infrastructure.You may have or even own a house but many do not.
    We can build more houses and have an environment if we do it the right way.Westwood cross is a car park with some industrial buildings for shops.These new houses are the usual design and build low density detached dwellings.They always show these sylvan pictures,but what is actually produced is estates like Barratts god awful spitfire court or whatever it is called and those dreadful persimmon creations on the outskirts of Westwood is urban sprawl.As for agriculture there is more flora and fauna in my garden than in one of those fields.
    We misuse terms and take absurd positions,not out of altruism,but because we are afraid of being disadvantaged in some way.We don’t like DFLs because they compete for our space.
    Where are all these workers for this much vaunted airport going to live, all 20,000 of them?
    You want GPs, find them decent housing they can afford.
    Thanet has been retirement central for eons,why do you think the first bungalows originated here?
    By the way why are you masquerading as a woman Mr Checksfield?
    Is there something you want to share with us?
    If you were a woman you wouldn’t so daft!

    • Hey there Georgie Boy (to paraphrase the late Judith Durham), please respect my choice of pronouns: “Your royal highness” / “Your ladyship”. Thanks sweetie! X

    • Residents of Thanet will do whatever they must to earn money, which is travel. Very few working age people will remain in thanet to earn, when a higher wage is available by travelling to Maidstone, London, and a little further even.

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