Marvellous Me topic for Chilton reception children

Marvellous Me project at Chilton

Self-esteem and understanding themselves and others as part of a huge inter-personal jigsaw are important lessons in life being explored by little children at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate.

The Reception group have investigated the wide-ranging theme in Marvellous Me, their first topic since joining the school in September.

The children have discussed what they like and dislike, who is in their family, their feelings and emotions and drew a self-portrait.

A dress to express day was the climax with pupils demonstrating how they feel about themselves in what they wear as well as creating posters highlighting their thoughts.

Some expressed their love of dancing and dressing up, others pinpointed favourite activities and hobbies, and others showed their love for films and their characters.

Hannah Cheshire, Deputy Head of School, said: “Marvellous Me is a lovely topic for our youngest children to begin to learn more about themselves and their new classmates.

“It is an important step in self-exploration which is developed as they progress through the school. It is aimed at helping them understand and be proud of their own identity and individuality, as well as respecting and understanding that of others.

“They really enjoyed letting their peers know more about themselves and it is a lovely part of their new journey at Chilton as they settle into the school’s community.”

The theme will explored in greater depth later in the year by older pupils who look at diversity and why it is important to understand who they are and who makes up their local and wider community.

The work is closely linked with Chilton’s values of Respect, Equality, Courage and Kindness and with the school’s anti-bullying work.