Plastic-free shopping from The Refillable Van heading to Ramsgate’s Radford House

Sue Bates in The Refillable Van

Zero waste shopping is coming to Radford House in Ramsgate for two days every month starting this Monday (October 9).

The former fire station in Effingham Street, currently open for use prior to its renovation by owners Ramsgate Town Council, will welcome The Refillable Van owned by Sue and Ian Bates.

The van stocks a range of refillable, plastic free, household, self care and beauty products as well as dried food, herbs and spices, all without the plastic packaging.

Customers bring their own clean and dry container which is then weighed and refilled with chosen items.

Paper bags are also available for dried foods.

Goods include vegan honey from Margate, unpaper towels and wax wraps from Folkestone, botanical soaps from Bexleyheath, wax melts from Deal and shampoo, conditioner and handmade soaps from Herne Bay.

Radford House event organiser Suzy Humphries said: “The Van is all about making it easier to shop without plastic by refilling containers and using more environmentally-friendly products. Sue and Ian work with small, local producers and only with UK-based suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of shopping. The Van has a fantastic range of supplies on board, so we encourage everyone to pop along and have a look!”

The Refillable Van will drive into the fire engine hall, so whether it’s wet or sunny, people will be able to use the resource.

Radford House is a community hub with the old fire engine hall available for activities and events, as well as two floors of workspaces and a teaching space.

Starting on Monday 9 October, then on 30 October, from 11am – 2pm, the Van will be at Radford House on the second and last Monday each month.

Find out more about The Refillable Van at:


  1. Supermarkets are duty bound to provide recycling services, leave your packaging at the checkout for them to deal with, that’s what I used to do.

    • Maybe that’s the reason supermarkets are getting rid of checkouts? It’s not just to help them to fire the checkout staff and push the strain onto the customers; it’s also to help them to duck responsibility for recycling their own packaging!

    • It all comes down to cost in the end,what is the difference to the supermarkets prices,no good if not competitive.All because of cost of living crisis

  2. Brilliant idea, but will they be selling cleaning products as well as food and cosmetics? Such as washing-up liquid, window cleaning fluids…

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