Kent police officer jailed for inappropriate sexual relationship with arrested woman

Kent Police

A former Kent police constable has been jailed for misconduct in public office for forming an inappropriate sexual relationship with a woman he met while on duty.

It follows an Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation into Police Constable (PC) Thomas Hill, who met the woman as part of his duties.

She had been arrested for an offence and, in December 2020, he was asked to supervise her while she was being treated at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate.

The officer initiated a sexualised conversation with the woman while in hospital and later contacted her via social media and they exchanged more sexualised text messages. The officer then went to her house where he acted in an unprofessional manner towards the woman.

PC Hill later confessed the relationship to his supervisors after the woman threatened to disclose it to his employer.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) began an investigation in May 2021 following a mandatory conduct referral from Kent Police earlier that month.

A spokesperson said: “We looked at the circumstances surrounding PC Hill’s initial and continued contact with the woman and whether his contact with her was in accordance with relevant legislation, local and national policies and procedures.

“Our investigation concluded in April 2022 and we sent a file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which authorised the charge of misconduct in public office.”

PC Hill, 35, based at Canterbury, admitted the offence at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 20 July and was sentenced on  Wednesday (4 October) at Southwark Crown Court to six months’ in prison.

IOPC regional director Mel Palmer said: “Abuse of power for a sexual purpose is a breach of the public’s trust, which seriously undermines confidence in the police service and discredits the profession. PC Hill’s behaviour was a form of serious corruption and has absolutely no place in policing.

“To make matters worse, PC Hill initiated the relationship while she was being treated in hospital and he had been sent to supervise her. At a time he was supposed to be protecting her, he instead chose to exploit her vulnerability.

“As a result of our investigation, carried out independently of the police, PC Hill admitted the offence and has now been sentenced. We also found PC Hill has a case to answer for gross misconduct and he will be subject to a disciplinary hearing.”

During the investigation, investigators interviewed PC Hill, examined his mobile phone and obtained statements or accounts from several witnesses, including the woman involved.

Detective Chief Superintendent Jon Armory, Head of Professional Standards, said: “Protecting women and girls from harm is Kent Police’s top priority and the vast majority of officers and staff do so with the utmost integrity and professionalism on a daily basis.

“Ex-PC Thomas Hill pleaded guilty to misconduct in a public office after he formed an inappropriate sexual relationship with a woman he met through his policing duties. Such behaviour is unacceptable and undermines trust and confidence in the police service.

“Hill resigned from Kent Police prior to being sentenced but a fast-track disciplinary hearing chaired by the Chief Constable will still take place now court proceedings have concluded.

“Kent Police is committed to taking appropriate action against the small minority of officers whose conduct falls below the very high standards expected of them, including on the rare occasion when a criminal offence has been committed.”


  1. My daughter was stalked by a Medway Police officer, he drove from Medway and took photos of her dropping my grandchild off to Manor House Nursery. He then sent her the photos with a message saying be careful what you do as the blues and twos are watching you. I have ZERO faith in the police, absolutely ZERO!!!!

  2. There are bad people in all walks of life, the fact that someone is in an authoritative position makes it worse, as they are likely to use their position to take advantage, but we must not tar all with the same brush, all the good cop’s out there will be holding their heads in their hands thinking the public will think we’re all the same.

  3. Over a period of nearly 3 years I have been trying to make a complaint against the police for failing to enforce the law, including local police, Kent Professional Standards, and the Independent Office for Police Conduct. In every case they failed to comply with their own Complaints Procedure, even deliberately running my complaint out of time! One thing I learned is the police nationally are not publicly accountable, only to themselves! Tn many cases they hold the public in contempt, so its no wonder much of the public hold them in contempt!

  4. I’m always amazed at how thick some police officers are. We have CCTV at the front / back and side of our house. One of our near neighbours were away on holiday and thieves virtually cleared their house of anything they could pick up. A detective came to out door after he noticed we had cctv cameras. Our cameras had captured the two men and van registration. The policeman said “ why do you need cameras around your house have you got a B lot of valuables” !!!

  5. Ann I hope you never told the policeman you had valuables, he might of passed the information on to his criminal friends. I’m told to be a police officer you have to have a degree, in this officers case it must be a degree in stupidity.

        • That could be a waste of time Phyllis, a neighbour was attacked physically by another neighbour for an imagined reason, and the police did nothing after she rung 101! I gave her the Thanet Police phone number which is 01843 222289 but have a message handy as you will have to leave a message. Anyway, my neighbour called them and they sent a PCSO round to “Speak” to the other neighbour. This was an assault, and it left my neighbour a single lady, upset. But at least it was now on the record, so if there is a repeat it can be used against this bully!

  6. It seems odd to me that a single police officer was tasked with this job.
    Better have two officers, both for the protection of the woman, and to protect the police officers from accusations of impropriety.

  7. Seems like he was lured into a trap, a hot blooded single police officer can’t have sexual encounters with anyone that he has met through his job? it takes two to tango.
    Lucky that don’t apply to Tesco checkout staff.
    6 months? and real criminals get a slap on the wrist.
    He’s better off out the police, no wonder they can’t find recruits – who would honestly want an employer with that sort of control over their life?

    • You think it’s okay for an officer to hit on a woman when in hospital clearly vulnerable and he is meant to be protecting her on behalf of the police, do you think that is okay?

      • One of the worst things that can happen to a police officer being sent to prison, for what? being human?
        He should lose his job for sure.
        I would imagine the only evidence there was the text messages banter otherwise it was one persons word against another.
        The CPS was pressurised from above to give the word go as the police struggle every day to get a case approved by them even with a full confession lol
        Russell Brand? is he a police officer?

          • Being human – Perceiving an individual whom one finds attractive, having more power than they do could be seen as abuse of power I concur, but the male is always the dominant in most sexual relationships, it’s more a conflict of interest.
            He obviously didn’t have the correct representation in court so got 6 months.

  8. The police spend so much time nicking each other its no wonder they don’t have time to to nick criminals. This officers boss could have given him a telling off and “marked his card for him” but no they wanted him out. Who watches the bosses.?

  9. Lately there not a week that goes buy that a copper is arrested or charged with a crime. Maybe some because of there position think they are above the law and no one will challenge them.

  10. I was followed down the high street by a person who was being agressive and threatening to me, two shops captured it on their CCTV cameras and I had three witnesses who were all prepared to give evidence. I provided all of the details, names addresses, contact numbers and emails to the police, they told me not to contact the witnesses for obvious reasons. Two weeks later they called me to say they had shut the complaint down due to lack of evidence, I managed to get a confession from the person in question then got the police to reopen the case and give the person a warning that if they came near me again that they would end up in court. Two recordings on CCTV and 3 witnesses and still the police were not interested, as I said ZERO faith.

  11. The police gave ” the person a warning that if they came near me again that they would end up in court”
    So they did do something.

  12. only a few police officers I trust not all police are bad but glad he got caught and hope the victim is OK and yes I know it takes 2 to tango but she was in a vulnerable state hope he goes to prison

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