Blue Cross visit for Priory Infant School

Blue Cross visit to Priory Infant School

Priory Infant School in Ramsgate had a visit from Blue Cross recently with an important message for KS1 children about how to stay safe around dogs.

The children really enjoyed the assembly and a learnt a lot.

PSHE lead, Miss Mayo said: “Many of our children will live with, or come into regular contact with a dog, so it is really important that they learn how to enjoy a dog’s company whilst making sure they observe any signals a dog may give, that it is unhappy.

“We are grateful to Blue Cross for delivering an interactive assembly where the children were engaged.”

A Blue Cross spokesperson said: “I am absolutely delighted our Blue Cross Volunteer Education Speaker in the area has been able to go into Priory Infant School and help the children learn all about safety around dogs.

“With more and more households in the UK sharing their home with a dog we know that the chances children coming across other people’s dogs are very high, even if a child doesn’t have one themselves. Our free school assemblies can help to keep young people, families and dogs happy and safe together by learning how dogs communicate, understanding how best to behave around dogs in certain situations and making sure all interactions are appropriate and safe for everyone involved.

“All our free talks and assemblies are fun and interactive for the children but more importantly the vital messages being delivered are backed by independent research and proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes and establish empathy in children when considering pet needs and dog safety. In our talks we bring along props, engaging visuals and even a pretend dog puppet to help us demonstrate key behaviours, this way nobody needs to worry if they aren’t used to dogs.

“Being around dogs can have so many positives for young people, but it’s always important we respect our dogs all as individuals and understand their needs. Blue Cross believes that by educating children, as well as other family members, about dog safety, we can prevent incidents and help us all live happily alongside dogs.”

Schools that want a workshop can book online using the web address or by emailing: [email protected]