St Laurence CE Junior Academy receives Historic England Champion Heritage Award

Historic England Champion Heritage award for St Laurence Junior Academy

St Laurence CE Junior Academy has been honoured with a prestigious Historic England Champion Heritage award for its work incorporating local heritage into pupils learning.

The school’s commitment to fostering a strong sense of place, connection to the community, and understanding of historical significance has earned them official recognition.

As a recipient of the Champion Heritage Schools award, St Laurence CE Junior Academy joins a group of educational institutions that have embraced the significance of local heritage in shaping young minds.

Through various inspiring heritage projects over the past years, the school has demonstrated its dedication to not only teaching history but also embedding local heritage across subject areas.

Helen Spencer, Local Heritage Education Manager (London & South East), along with Rebekah Smith, Ramsgate Town Promoter, presented the award to St Laurence CE Junior Academy. During the award ceremony, Rebekah praised the students’ enthusiasm and creativity, demontrated by their contribution of colourful flags for the Royal Harbour 200 event. She also commended the teachers for their commitment to engaging with community projects.

Lois Gyves, Heritage Schools Programme Manager, said: “Historic England is delighted to present St Laurence CE Junior Academy with our Champion Heritage School award and welcome them to join our network of outstanding Heritage Schools.

“St Laurence is more than deserving of Champion Heritage School status and has shown immense commitment to ensuring their pupils have every opportunity to learn about and enjoy the fascinating heritage of Ramsgate and their local area.”

The academy’s approach to weaving local heritage into the entire curriculum allows students to gain an understanding of their community’s history and its significance in the wider context of national and global events..

Mrs Mountjoy, who served as the History and Geography lead when the school was awarded a Heritage Award in 2019 and has worked closely with Helen at Historic England since, said: “Receiving the Champion Heritage award is a testament to the passion and dedication of our teachers and students alike.

“It is heartening to see how our efforts to incorporate local heritage into the curriculum have made a positive impact on our students’ learning experience and their appreciation for the history that surrounds them.”