St Crispin’s Infant School gains national Nurture Award

Nurture award for St Crispin's

St Crispin’s Infant School in Westgate has received a National Nurturing Schools Programme award.

The award is presented to schools that have succeeded in creating a nurturing culture for the children in their care. St Crispin’s is one of only two primary schools in Thanet to achieve the status.  The other is St George’s primary.

A school spokesperson said: “The award is evidence of our success in implementing and embedding a nurturing culture that responds to the social, emotional and mental health needs of our children, alongside their academic studies.”

During the assessment process, the Nurture UK assessor said they were “very impressed with the quality of the application” and “the excellent practice around the 6 principles” of Nurture which the school uses to support its children on a daily basis.

More information about Nurturing Schools and the Principles of Nurture, can be found at or on the St Crispin’s school website.