Chuck and Blade Burgers announce ‘soft launch’ at Ramsgate’s former NatWest building

The former Pizza Express building

A new venture is opening this evening (July 24) at the former Travellers in Italy site on Ramsgate harbourfront.

Chuck and Blade Burgers has its ‘soft launch’ between 5pm-9pm with an offer of a free burger to the first 50 customers.

Chuck and Blade Burgers initially opened in Rochester in March 2020 and has since expanded the business to venues in Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells and Crouch End.

Photo Chuck and Blade Burgers

The business is housed inside the Grade II listed former NatWest bank building on Harbour Parade.

The building, which dates back to circa 1893, was previously Pizza Express and was one of 73 shut down by the chain in 2020 amid the pandemic.

Businessman James Thomas then took over the site, opening Travellers in Italy in 2021 but this has now been replaced by the new burger restaurant.

Chuck and Blade has won a clutch of awards since opening and the burger, sides and boozy milkshakes menu has proved a hit in other towns.

Find the menu online here


  1. I’ve always found the nice looking burger in the picture .Is nothing like what comes on your plate.

  2. That’s a shame as had a cracking meal at Travellers in Italy a few months back for my birthday. There were only a couple of other diners there though so I guess that doesn’t bode well. I had hoped to go back again sometime.

  3. Excellent news .

    Thanet is in desperate need of another burger outlet.

    I am sure all the lard arses will be waddling down there .

    There is bound to be a fight over who gets the last free burger . . .

  4. Service was brutally slow, but understandable as they just opened and are finding their feet. My burger was almost as good a Please Sir in Broadstairs. And yes… they do take cash and seemed to be OK with it!

  5. Is that what Ramsgate needs another junk food outlet, Duurh! I do not understand why obese, or overweight people don’t take a look in a mirror and see how ugly, and awful they look! They don’t seem to have any self respect, or self discipline to stop eating rubbish that makes them unhealthy, and costs the NHS £billions! Anyone know where I can get a healthy meal in Ramsgate that serves traditional English food like Shepheards pie, and a roast dinners?

      • I am just under 6ft tall and weigh just under 12 stone, and have been mistaken for Michael Cane on more than one occasion! I can’t help it if fat, obese, or overweight people repulse me, I was born this way, don’t judge!

      • I find the meals at HM Prisons to be on the salty side and the service to be quite poor. It’s almost like they think their customers don’t have a choice. I do here that some branches may still take cash though.

    • A bit rude! Some people have medical conditions, which cause weight issues. Some on medication which causes weight issues.Perhaps take a little time to think before you write.

      • George your wrong, I have heard this claptrap before, NO doctor will prescribe medication if it will harm the patient! If someone is overweight and fat due to medication, then they should look at the side effects information, and tell their doctor, but its unlikely to be due to the meds! I used to swim a mile every other day for over 20 years, and ride a bike as my personal transport. I am retired now in my 9th decade, and still very much the same weight although not quite as active, just careful diet, and use a cross trainer twice a day, get one!

    • Small mindedness from a small minded person living in (according to you) a small minded town. I love Ramsgate and it’s so irritating when those who do not actually live directly in the town have bad things to say. British food is not always healthy. Eating certain things in moderation is what it is about. I went there on Sunday. Great food and service and no, I’m not obese.

  6. Well.. I’m not fat, unhealthy or a burden on the NHS but I’ll probably give this place a go at some point.

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