Ramsgate’s Ellington Park receives Green Flag Award for second year

Ellington Park Photo Swift Aerial Photography

Ellington Park in Ramsgate has been awarded a Green Flag for the second year running.

The Green Flag Award scheme recognises and rewards well-managed parks and green spaces. It sets the standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world.

In 2021 Ellington Park was restored by a partnership between The Friends of Ellington Park and Thanet District Council. The National Lottery Heritage Fund supported the restoration with £1.8million from its ‘Parks for People’ programme.

The park now features a café and toilet building, a children’s playground and its historic pathways, flint terrace and balustrade were restored, as was the 120-year-old bandstand.

Ellington Park Photo Michael Milham

Cllr Steve Albon, Cabinet Member for Cleansing and Coastal Services at Thanet District Council said: “I’m delighted that Ellington Park has received a Green Flag Award for the second year running. It’s testament to the hard work and dedication of the Friends of Ellington Park, and the community volunteers who keep it looking tip top. Ellington Park is a fabulous asset to the local area, and I’m pleased that it’s going from strength to strength.”

A spokesperson for The Friends of Ellington Park added: “We are delighted that Ellington Park has received a Green Flag Award, for the second year. It is an amazing achievement and recognises the commitment that goes into making the park a beautiful open space for everyone to enjoy.”

The cafe Image by Lucy’s Photos

Keep Britain Tidy’s Green Flag Award Scheme Manager, Paul Todd MBE, said: “I would like to congratulate everyone involved at Ellington Park in achieving a Green Flag Award.

“Ellington Park is a vital green space for the community in Ramsgate, bringing people together and providing opportunities to lead healthy lifestyles. The staff and volunteers do so much to ensure that it maintains the high standards of the Green Flag Award and everyone involved should feel extremely proud of their achievement.”

Ellington Park is 130 years old this September with the late Victorian and Edwardian landscaped area across 13 acres.

The park’s history began in 1892 when the Ellington Estate passed into the ownership of the Ramsgate Corporation, now Thanet District Council, as a place of public recreation. The park was designed by the Victorian landscape company Joseph Cheal and Son, known for their work at Hever Castle and Kirkstall Abbey and laid out in 1893.

Its key features remain today including the pathways, perimeter gates, railings, bandstand and the Pulhamesque rockery.

A 130th birthday celebration will be held at the park on Sunday, September 10 from 11am to 6pm. It will feature community groups, entertainers, stalls, food and more.

Pegwell Bay Country Park, part of Sandwich and Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve, has also achieved a Green Flag Award.


  1. Ellington Park is a fabulous oasis, right in the middle of the busy town of Ramsgate. What a contrast to be able to relax among the calming landscape of trees and flower bed; knowing that gorgeous coffee is right there.

    The Garden Interest Group (GIG) meet every Wednesday in the park’s cafe to discuss and share ideas and tips on goardening generally. And what a friendly group they are.

    The park deserves it’s Green Flag award, and the people deserve the tranquility.

  2. Great to hear that it’s doing so well, but watch TDC they will think of something to close it and put it up for sale for housing. Just like the rest of Thanet

    • Last time I looked (this morning) there were plenty of really delightful bits of Ramsgate still there.

    • For goodness’ sake! Look on the positive side! It’s a lovely park and has just had a lot of improvements made to it. Why on earth would TDC want to close it, let alone “put it up for housing”? It’s not TDC that is selling greenfield land to housing developers.

  3. Whilst it’s good to see this park getting an award, it’s also abit sad because all our parks use to be like this.

    To many people want to turn parks into unkempt nature reserves. Which suits the council because it saves then having to maintain the park.

    To be honest Ellington park doesn’t look any different to the parks I have seen around England, just looks the norm for those areas. But it does stand out in thanet.

    It’s great to get the award but also shows how run down thanet is when what should be the normal is rewarded

  4. The Friends of Ellington Park have worked wonders. It really is a lovely place to come and relax and the cafe, with the friendliest staff, is a real joy. The food is great too. It has become a real little community hub and has a lovely playground to keep the little ones entertained. Personally, I love the bookshop, which is opened on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A great place both to buy and donate books and jigsaws too. Lucky for me, I live just across the road, so spend a great deal of time there.

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