From forest to ocean, art takes Northdown Primary School’s ACEchampions on creative journey

Art at Northdown Primary

Pupils of Northdown Primary School, Margate, have expressed their artistic sides as part of a special art exhibition called ACEartisans.

Inspired by one of the school’s ACEchampions, the latest projects took the forest and ocean as their themes and all pupils were invited to submit a piece of art for display.

David Read, the ACE Lead at Northdown explained the concept of the ACE initiative: “The role of the ACEmentor is to be the champion for students who may need help overcoming barriers to school or learning, for students who may find themselves shouldering additional responsibilities or for students who may just need someone to believe in them.”

Although the ACEmentors are there to guide and support, the pupils also play a vital role in the day-to-day running of the ACE project.

David said: “The ACEchampions will liaise between teachers and parents/carers to ensure that as a team all those who play a part in supporting our students share the barriers and strategies between them to enhance learning and life success.”

The art exhibitions are just one part of the work of the ACEchampions who also facilitate a weekly debate club and are currently cultivating a smallholding at the back of the school thanks to funding from local Councillor Barry Lewis.

Sam Glynn, one of the school’s four ACEmentors, said: “The Ocean Antic’s art competition was the idea of an ACE child. We worked on it together using his ideas. It was great to see all the artwork as it started to come in. The artwork has helped children feel a sense of pride and ambition and the project is growing and growing.”

The mastermind behind the idea, Christopher (Year 6) enjoyed his role as coordinator: “It improved my confidence. It was hard work but I learned about organising. I found lots of people came up to me to talk about it.”

All the pupils’ hard work paid off with a very successful art exhibition where their families and friends could admire their creations displayed with pride in the school hall.

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