Margate support worker to take on 12,000ft skydive for Breast Cancer Awareness

Danielle will leap out of the plane from 12,000ft

A Margate support worker will fling herself out of a plane at 12,000ft to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Danielle Warrington says despite being terrified of heights she is determined to raise money for the cause after seeing friends and family battle the disease.

The 28-year-old says recently one close friend was diagnosed on the same day as another friend underwent a double mastectomy.

She said: “I know quite a few people that have been affected by breast cancer. On the same day my friend had a double mastectomy I found out my best friend has also been diagnosed at just 28 years old.

“My godmother died of breast cancer and other family friends have lost their lives.

“I have done various things for charity over the years and felt that I wanted to do something for Breast Cancer Awareness.

“I saw the skydive online and thought if I signed up then I would be committed and have to do it!

“I have done walks and rides and children’s fun days and thought I needed to do something a bit bigger this time if I was asking people to help me raise money again.”

Danielle will take part in the skydive at Headcorn airfield on October 14 – during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

She needs to raise £430 to take part and is running a raffle with a host of prizes for those who donate £5 or more to the fundraising page – meaning there is no need to buy tickets separately.

Danielle is also hoping more businesses will come forward to donate a prize and would especially like to hear from restaurants and tea shops.

“I know there is a cost of living crisis so thought if I could get a couple of donations for prizes then people have a chance of winning something and will still be raising money for the jump and the charity.”

Prizes so far include vouchers for a driving lesson, massage and gel polish and a cut at a barbers. A list will be put on the fundraising page.

Contact Danielle on [email protected]

Find the fundraising page here


  1. Why would I donate money to give someone a free sky-diving experience? If you want to raise money walk round the park 500 times… at least, one hopes, ALL the money goes to charity.

    I was asked to donate to a lad who wanted to to raise money for charity by climbing a South American peak. I asked how much the trip cost HIM and he said it ALL came out of the donations.

    Charity needs to be REAL charity.

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