Ramsgate 10-year-old scoops top prize at Big STEM Challenge for amazing solar system model

Rico with his winning solar system model

Ramsgate Holy Trinity primary pupil Rico Delgado has taken a top prize at The Big Stem Challenge for his fantastic solar system model.

The 10-year-old was the primary winner at the event which took place at Discovery Park this month.

The Big STEM Challenge Final  is a competition open to primary, secondary, and further education students, designed to showcase the innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) work happening both in schools and at home. The challenge aims to encourage and recognize the talents and achievements of young minds in the field of STEM.

Individuals and schools were invited to participate and could enter individually, working on their own STEM projects, or schools could submit collaborative entries involving groups of students.

Rico is a huge space enthusiast and built the solar system model for his entry, which was the only individual one in the primary section.

The youngster said: “I really enjoyed making my Solar System because ever since I learned about space at school and then did my astronomy badge at cubs, I’ve been fascinated about the planets and other space objects.

“I worked very hard mixing paints to make my model look accurate and I really enjoyed using it at the competition to discuss lots of space facts with the scientists and judges. I’m thankful about winning but the other contestants had very interesting experiments, so it was a really fun day for me.”

Rico won a certificate and trophy plus £200.

Mum Arlene said: “He plans to buy himself a posh globe with his winnings to tie into his solar system project – he’s also very fascinated by the flags and countries of the world so it’ll be a lovely keepsake which he’ll use to learn even more about the world.”

The Big Stem Science Fair allowed students to showcase their projects to a wider audience, including judges, fellow participants, educators, and parents. They were able to explain their work, share their findings, and have discussions with others who share their passion for STEM.

Prizes included a visit to BAE Systems to have a go at the flight simulators, a site tour of Megger, Science equipment from KCS, Amazon Vouchers and cash.

The event, organised by Social Enterprise Kent, was sponsored by BAE Systems, Pfizer, Global Associates, Kent Renewable Energy Ltd, Megger, Kent Community Foundation, Charles Burnett III Memorial Fund, Discovery Park and KCS Education.

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