Trespassers apprehended on railway at Margate

Margate station Photo John Horton

Trespassers on the railway track at Margate have been apprehended by police this evening (June 24).

Power to the railway had to be turned off and trains were being held at stations while officers dealt with the incident,

A trespasser was also reported on the tracks earlier this afternoon. It is understood the people were trying to gain access to Dreamland for the Chase & Status gig.

Trains are now running again although some services may be delayed.


  1. Thanks so much to you lot of pillocks that caused this. Your moronic behaviour meant 100s of us were stuck in London while they cleared you off the line. Next time do it properly and fry on the 600V line at least it would stop you doing it again!

  2. It has been a good week for anyone who is against Dreamland Concerts. With one Band choosing to ignore the curfew, and idiots on the train tracks. I wonder what ammunition they will be given next.

    • Alledgedly bands and performers are themselves liable if they break the curfew, ( though i find it hard to understand why Dreamlands staff are incapapble of pulling the plug on the sound equipment at the appropriate time), however if TDC are not monitoring the curfew and fining to the max possible extent there is no deterrent.
      It’s not Dreamlands responsibility to ensure the railway is secure from trespassing or deal with drug taking outwith the venue.
      It’ll take a serious public disorder incident either within Dreamland or outside and directly linked to Dreamland to result in it’s licence being revoked or reviewed. It should never have been granted for the period it has, instead it should have covered this summer season only and then be reviewed with changes considered if events this year prove to be problematic.

    • The latest being girls getting stabbed and injected with unknown substances that make them sick and lose their feelings in their limbs. Luckily there was no lasting damage. The police are enquiring into it !!!
      It’s about time the council did something about this lawless venue and the types of visitors it is attracting.

  3. Dreamland concerts are putting Thanet on the map and bring much needed revenue to our local area. Stop being so selfish and think of the bigger picture.

    • The bigger picture is that many hundreds of people (including Dreamland visitors) had their journeys cancelled of delayed as a consequence of this folly.

      • So because of the actions of a few dumb plebs you destroy Dreamland by taking away it’s biggest earner ? Do you really want to see houses on the Dreamland site ? Because that’s what will happen if Dreamland fails.

        • I personally would much rather see houses on the Dreamland site. Surely that is preferable to building them on remote farms miles aways from public transport and shops?

          • And as any profits go to an off-shore company, the financial benefits to Margate are minimal at best.

          • Okay ms pink, should we close all pubs because a few idiots ruin it for the majority , should we close all kiddie play areas because a few parents cannot control their out of control kids, should we close off all the beaches because a few feral kids ruin it for the rest of us ? Let’s just ban everything, would that make you happy or would you be annoyed because you would have nothing to moan about ?

        • Dreamlands eventual fate has been signed sealed and delivered the moment TDC sold the freehold and with it control over what happens at the site, tdc will be pushed to accept any entertainemnt proposal from dreammland on the basis that the owners will forever claim it’d not financially viable if they can’t do as they wish.
          It’s purely a matter of time , eventually it’ll be an indoor entertainment venue only with very limited outdoor space, the rest reverting to housing along the lines of the big social housing block at the rear of the site.

  4. Ah! The old “All or Nothing” argument.
    It is perfectly possible to have concerts at Dreamland without bringing South Eastern Railway to a halt.
    Pubs can and do serve a useful function in the community, despite the fact that a small number of people get drunk.
    No kiddie play areas have been closed because a few children are misbehaved.

  5. There used to be a strip of land on the far corner of the car park that you could sneak into Dreamland from.

    Kids these days are stupid because I never got caught hahaha

    Used to bring you out behind the Ghost Train.

    • Isn’t dreamland free to enter now? I thought they stopped the payment to get in long ago. Or do they throw everyone out so they can charge to let them back in again when a concert is on, which is at least once every week. I feel sorry for all the residents living nearby. It is in the wrong place for open air events but TDC do nothing about the breaches of environmental regulations, just like they do nothing about all the illegal music and drugs being taken along the coastline and on the dunes in Cliftonville. No council enforcement staff to do anything about their regulations and police unwilling to stop breaches of the PSPO’s along the coast. What a feeble lot we have running Thanet.

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