Two major recruitment events to be held as Thanet jobs market “continues to thrive”

Job Centre

The employment market in Thanet continues “to thrive” says bosses at the district’s Job Centres while national figures released today (June 13) show there are now some 33.09 million people in work, up 382,000 over the last year  and four million more people since 2010.

The unemployment rate across the UK is currently at 3.8 per cent, – near its lowest rate since 1974.

Figures for May 2023 show the unemployment rate in Kent is currently 3.3%, and fell by 1.8% over the previous month.

Youth unemployment in Kent (18 to 24 year-olds) is 5.0%, just above the national rate of 4.8%. However, Thanet has the second highest rate of youth unemployment in the South East (9.4%) just below Hasting (9.5%).

The overall unemployment rate for Thanet is 5.6% (4620 people), a drop 2.4% (115 people) on the previous month.

In Thanet, Job Centre staff have organised a number of successful jobs fairs with two major recruitment events coming up – one at The Yarrow in Broadstairs on June 26 which needs to be booked through a person’s work coach and another at Ramsgate Leisure Centre on July 12 which is open to everyone.

‘Successful outcomes’

Lily Chiu, Thanet Job Centre recruitment specialist, said the isle’s job market “continues to thrive” adding: “Regular job fairs in both Margate and Ramsgate have led to successful outcomes for multiple employers, particularly in the care and hospitality sectors.

“Following their attendance at Ramsgate job fair on 25th May, Hotel No.42 by Guesthouse has filled nearly all its vacancies, which bodes well for its upcoming opening next month.

“Additionally, national employer CareTech has already offered seven local customers roles at the new Turner Lodge in Margate, with more interviews taking place in the coming weeks.

“With a focus on national employers, there are even more exciting opportunities emerging for jobcentre customers. For customers aged 16 to 30, M&S is working with Prince’s Trust to offer five young people in-store work experience and part-time contracts.

“B&M is also running a programme (for all ages) at the Westwood store to support  peak summer recruitment. There are limited spaces on both programmes, so customers are encouraged to contact their Work Coach as soon as possible if interested!”

The opening of seasonal vacancies has also prompted the two job fairs.

The Yarrow

The first is at The Yarrow hotel on Monday 26th June in collaboration with East Kent College. Employers from multiple sectors, including hospitality -Premier Inn, Thorley Taverns, Shepherd Neame – will be in attendance.

A large recruitment event will also be held  at Ramsgate Leisure Centre on Wednesday 12th July from 10am to 2pm, in partnership with Your Leisure.

Lily said: “Alongside employers in security, cleaning, admin and more, we have invited local providers to offer support and advice, covering everything from volunteering and courses to energy bills and housing.

“This job fair is open to the public, so we welcome everyone that is looking for work or support in Thanet.

“With over 50 employers and providers expected to attend, it promises to be our biggest event so far this year and one not to be missed.”

For those interested in attending, scan the QR code on the flyer or click on the Eventbrite link to get a ticket:

‘Difficult times’

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay has welcomed the latest job market figures, saying: “These are difficult times, with Britain’s economy shocked by Coronavirus and then impacted by Putin’s war in Ukraine.

“Today’s jobs figures show there are four million more people in work since 2010 and 451,706 more people in work across the South East – meaning more people are earning their own money.”

The MP added that more work needs to be done to halve inflation, grow the economy and reduce debt but says the figures show “the Conservatives are committed” to ensuring everyone has the security of a job.


  1. As unemployment is falling by several % each month, the argument involving “Manston” and “jobs” is even more vacuous than it was.
    And no, Craig. The principal reason for UK’s poor economy is Brexit, as was predicted. Everywhere else in the Western World has endured Covid and suffered the consequences, and is recovering. Only in the UK do have to cope with the self inflicted wounds of Brexit.

  2. Whilst employment of any sort is better than none, how many of those employed work less than a full week? 2 people working 20 hours is still in reality one person employed and one unemployed. Could the numbers be also provided as something like “ full time equivalent employed” and so show the real picture.

    • Andrew doesn’t care for statistics like that. He is right. And you are wron. At least in his eyes. I wouldn’t waste your time replying to such an individual.

    • Indeed fte would give a more accurate picture. I’m not sure how “zero hours” contract employees would be represented, though.

  3. I remember in the 60’s when Harold Wilson the PM was being criticised for the 3% unemployment 20 years after the war, and he said there will always be at least 3% unemployment! This was because some people are simply unemployable.

  4. There have been recruitment issues in hospitality since Covid that current course providers in East Kent have been unable to resolve.

    Let’s hope the new Nelson College that is opening at the old Christchurch Campus in Broadstairs can put some good courses together and start to train up the next generation to work in this sector.

  5. Half thanet dont wanna work they have it too good claiming sick/pip an banging kids rinseing the system. they should allocate jobs an if u dont work benifits stop end of! fed of seeing peps claiming bogus claims when theres nothing wrong with them seems to be the norm for em.

      • Wot u think smart arse the main thing is i work myself all that matters unlike half of thanet bums claiming doley

        • “Wot u think smart arse the main thing is i work myself all that matters unlike half of thanet bums claiming doley”

          You might work yourself, but you also need to work ON yourself so you stop narcissistically punching down, you bigoted bloke you.

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