Two taken to hospital after woman hit by car which then overturned in Westgate

Emergency services

The Canterbury Road in Westgate was closed after a person was hit by a car today (June 13).

The car then flipped over on the Birchington-bound carriageway near to Ursuline College. The road was shut between Minster Road to Epple Road.

Emergency services attended the scene. A woman pedestrian and a male driver were treated by paramedics and then taken to QEQM Hospital.

A South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesman said: “SECAmb was called at approximately midday today (13 June) to reports of a collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian in which the vehicle had reportedly overturned in Canterbury Road, Westgate.

“Ambulance crews attended and two people, a female pedestrian, and a male driver of the vehicle, were assessed and treated at the scene before being taken to QEQM Hospital in Margate.”

Kent Police and Kent Fire and Rescue Service were also at the scene.

Three fire crews attended and cut the door from the car.

A Kent Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson added: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to reports of a crash involving one vehicle and a pedestrian in Canterbury Road, in Westgate on Sea.

“Three fire engines attended, and crews used hydraulic equipment to remove the door of the vehicle.

 “The driver was then passed into the care of SECAmb paramedics, who also went to the aid of the pedestrian involved.”

Traffic was being diverted to Camborne Avenue and Lymington Road.


  1. Something urgently needs doing on that stretch of road. The speed cameras are no deterent for idiots showing off daily. Speed humps or more lights may help. I drop my daughter at ursuline daily and it is a miracle that there are not more accidents. Wake up kcc

    • It’s a mess out there. Too many NPCs have lost their way in life and driving in a raging way. Maybe it’s all the poison from the vapes they rely on to get them through the day that has effected their brains

    • Thanet is a virtual car park, wherever you go at any time of the day you are stuck in queue after queue so it is little wonder that as soon as people see an open stretch of road they put their foot down in the vague hope of making up some time.
      I live in Minster Road and see those clearly speeding along the Canterbury Road night and day.
      This is the fault of Thanet District Circus (run by the clowns) who have allowed the island to over-develop by adding 1000’s of houses on Victorian Roads. Every single new house will equate to 1.5 more cars on the roads.
      Last week it took me over one hour to get from central Margate to Minster Road Westgate – that is less than 3 miles per hour.
      Well done TDC (not).

      • No, it’s the fault of all the people in cars, a problem you’re contributing to. I (a pensioner) cycled from Thanet to Herne Bay in less than a hour yesterday, so if I can do it then so can many others.

  2. I think one of the problems is the line of cars parked outside Ursuline. People speed along there and as they go over the brow of the hill are confronted by the cars with nowhere to go. Perhaps parking should be banned along there!

    • Well people shouldn’t be speeding and the parking in itself acts as a sort of passive measure to reduce it. It would though help if something was done about the way the school run was controlled other than the 20 limit at drop off and pick up times, the manner of parking and driving by some involved is a hazard all by itself.
      However in this particular instance who knows what really happened. Hopefully any injuries were not serious.

  3. Until the reason for the accident is known ,let’s be sensible ,it could be the pedestrians fault ,it could be ,a driver’s fault ,we don’t know yet,I have cars just pulling out from outside that school,I have also seen ,people going back to their cars and just walking out ,to get in their car,not checking the road ,and I have also seen ,pedestrians just walking out into a busy road,,again i am not blaming anyone because no one on this site ,knows what ,happened ,just making assumpions, yes the road is dangerous, cop the speed limit to 10 mph ,the idiots will still speed,they of all ages and sexes do it ,it is not down to anyone type,

  4. Amazing isn’t it how its always the fault of the road, the poor person who got hit, parked cars… yet its never the fault of the idiots who drive without due care and attention.. normally speeding or on their phones because their life is more important than anyone else’s!

    Hope the lady who got hit is OK!

      • The woman pedestrian was my daughter who is 14. She left school due to not feeling very well. The car went onto the pavement and she made the quick decision to go as far into the wall and bushes as she could instead of going into the road, either way knew she was going to get hurt. The driver had a medical incident hence losing control of his car, there was also a parked car. There is lots of speculation on here without the facts. My daughter has been very lucky to walk away with bad bruises and scratches and shock – just thought I would clarify

  5. So if right between minster rd and epple rd, then would be by Westgate fire station.
    Not a place to cross the road and driver’s like to be quick away from the traffic lights. As for ursuline they should not park on the road, if they never built on there carpark they could still drive in and drop off and drive away. Never a problem back then

  6. Chris not quite right Epple Road is way past the dual carriageway and Ursuline has not had a carpark to speak of for the last forty years that I can remember, if ever. The new buildings to the left of the entrance were built on ex allotments or orchards, however I do think parking should be banned on that road. Also The the road outside St George’s should be better patrolled , parents parking on yellow lines , half on the pavement etc these people are thoughtless and cause traffic chaos. Most of the”kids” are old enough to find their own way home make them walk.

  7. Should have St George’s Broadstairs incase you thought I was talking about King Ethelberts which is also a problem.

  8. In my humble experience speed is not the problem. For over 40 years I have travelled along this road and most drivers obey the limit and know about the parking and move over as soon as possible. Maybe they need to turn it into a single lane road before the Ursulin parked vehicles are seen. I have had idiots drivers sitting on my bumper trying to get in my car as they see me as a dumb old man doing the flipping speed limit. However they can go take their anger else where as I know this road is dodgy. I find vans are the most dangerous, driven by usually men who can’t go fast enough, either to work or deliver. They do not care. Followed by MPV or as I call them ,Tank drivers.

    • Have you read the other comments? The crash was down to a medical issue with the driver, nothing more, nothing less. I hope they both make a full and speedy recovery.

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