RNLI teaches Year 6 pupils at Northdown Primary how to stay safe on the beach

RNLI visit to Northdown Primary

Last week, two lifeguards from the RNLI visited Northdown Primary School, Margate, to run a workshop for the school’s eldest pupils.

Mindful of the fact that the Year 6 pupils are getting their first taste of independence as they embark on their secondary school journeys soon, the workshop focused on water safety and how to stay safe on the beach as we head into summer.

Beth Williams, Seasonal Lifeguard Supervisor, said: “The workshop with the pupils went very well, and they were well-behaved and seemed to be engaged the whole time. All of the information we spoke to the kids about they retained and were able to repeat to us when we asked questions. We played lots of games which they all loved, and it seemed to helped them understand the concepts a lot better.”

Both lifeguards demonstrated the key messages to the children, using flags and role play as reminders for when the youngsters visit the beach.

Beth outlined the key messages: “STOP AND THINK, FLOAT, STAY TOGETHER, RIP CURRENTS AND CALL 999 OR 112 – these were all completed and the children did really well to remember each point. It was a pleasure to come into this school and give out the water safety advice to such well-behaved pupils.”

The workshop helped the children with their confidence and understanding of the risks involved. Ellie, 11, said: “I learned never to go to the beach alone and always be with someone so if a possible accident happened a person would be there to help.”

Ten-year-old Mylo appreciated the message, saying: “I think it’s always important to learn about being safe around the water because we live so close to the seaside.”

Year 6 teacher Rhiannon Hiscock agreed: “The children were given key information to keep them safe as they begin to go out on their own or with friends – it was reassuring to know they can enjoy the summer safely.”

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  1. I suppose it’s a good idea to teach the kids these days, when I was young it was the job of parents, nowadays the parents think it’s the job of the government or other organisations whilst they sit at home. Family life is not what it should be.

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