Stone Bay Hut granted alcohol licence

Stone Bay Hut

By Local Democracy Reporter Daniel Esson

A Broadstairs trader has won a bid to sell alcohol from his techni-coloured kiosk in Stone Bay, Broadstairs, following a recent decision by council licensing chiefs.

Daniel Montila, 43, moved to allay concerns, telling residents his venue, complete with extended opening hours, is a “family hub” in response to 20 public objections, with some citing fears over potential antisocial behaviour.

Previously, Mr Montila’s licence enabled him to operate from 8am – 2pm on Fridays through to Monday. The new licence means he will be allowed to open from 8am-10pm each day and serve alcohol from 10am until close.

The application was submitted in late March this year.


Prior to the district council’s licensing sub-committee on June 9, 20 residents wrote to the local authority in objection.

“I believe it will encourage potentially rowdy behaviour and am concerned for the safety of my neighbouring beach hut,” wrote Rebecca Arnold.

“Last summer The Hut played loud music daily which spoiled the beach atmosphere. This is not a trendy London hotspot; it is a family beach.”

Christine Moulton, chair of the local neighbourhood watch, spoke at the licensing sub-committee on Friday. She said: “I don’t see there’s a need for this facility because people who live locally leave at 6pm, so what on earth are you thinking putting your staff at risk from 6pm-10pm at night.”

She said the new opening hours would place staff in danger of rowdy youths.


Danny Montila with partner Evie and artist Charlie Evaristo-Boyce (centre) last year

But speaking after the meeting, Mr Montila said his plans will help deter antisocial behaviour.

“The price point of a pint of beer down there – we’re not sure what it’ll be – but it certainly doesn’t fit the demographic of the teenagers, and they won’t want to be coming down to that part of the beach should there be adults down there, because they’d like to go to a barren area,” he said.

“So us being open would probably help stop the beach and the beach huts from being vandalised.”

He added the licence is “a small part of our business and even though we have a 10 o’clock licence we certainly wouldn’t be looking to open every weekend until 10pm because there just isn’t the trade.

“We just want that for flexibility should we need it in future. Generally we’ll only be serving alcohol until the sun goes (down), which is generally about 4 o’clock, so it’s more of a small daytime offering of one beer or one wine.”

The Hut also received permission to place tables and chairs on part of the beach for customers to have food and drinks.

At Mr Montila’s suggestion, the licensing committee granted permission to serve alcohol from 10am-10pm all week in May, June, July and August, but only until 6pm for the rest of the year.

Mr Montila said the beach hosts bootcamp-style obstacle course activities early on weekends, and when The Hut started trading last year he had a meeting with residents.

“We always keep the residents informed of what we’re doing, we’re just a small local beach place looking to improve and give a good service to the area.

“We take on the views of the locals, The Hut is very much a community hub.”


    • It’s better people buy it from a bar/kiosk and drink social amounts than just take down copious amounts of booze with them and leave the remnants on the beach. Also allows a local business to make extra money from it. If people want to drink they will

  1. Alcohol and Sun does not mix,that’s a fact ,look at Broadstairs carnival ,or anywhere where people drink to much in the summer months

  2. I think if it works well I’m not a nearby resident and they are the ones who will suffer from any problems, but my only real concern would be the security of the premises after everyone has gone home after closing time it’s in a secluded area!! I believe that Danny will make it work and he now has to make sure that it does and prove the doubters wrong, I wish him every success Danny good luck.

  3. Not ideal, but better than broken glass and broken tins on the beach. Hopefully the tables will be cleaned as soon as people leave them to deter the seagulls.
    I think this is something the proprietor, and T.D.C. will need to look at closely. I’m sure if there is a problem like this people will avoid that part of the beach in droves.

  4. What an absolute bunch of moaners people are in Thanet! This is a great idea, a local business doing well. Think people seem to forget that on Viking bay there is a bar and loads of pubs people can get a drink and take on the beach.

  5. I was amazed I couldn’t get a coffee at 3pm on Saturday. They had a notice saying they closed at 2pm! The beach was full and loads of people were very disappointed. I don’t want alcohol! I want a cuppa and a sandwich. Really disappointing.

    • They literally only have a license until 2pm. They’ve now extended it and will serve a cuppa and a sandwich later in the day… This move literally addresses your frustration. They just so happen to also be serving beer and wine.

  6. We used to have beach party’s down there back in the 80s. All got stopped because of trouble with more and more people turning up when word got around. Sand beaches and drinks don’t mix .
    It just trouble waiting

  7. Has stone beach even got toilets. Even more drunks p*****g every where. Terrible idea booze and water.

  8. Hopefully will be run properly and the staff won’t be drinking like the jazzy cafe of Margate beach.

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