Fundraiser launched to help new Ramsgate mum travel to see her premature babies

Chardonnay is struggling to pay for travel to see her baby girls

A fundraiser has been launched to help a young mum with travel costs so she can get to the hospital to see her premature twins.

Chardonnay Nicholson, 20, gave birth on May 4, 11 weeks early, to her babies Bella and Aaliyah at QEQM Hospital but the twins, whose birth weights were 2lb 11oz and 3lb 7oz, have now been moved to a special baby care unit at another hospital.

Chardonnay has been discharged and says she does not qualify for accommodation or any financial help from the NHS to travel and that Universal Credit does not help with the costs either.

She said: “They are in special care because they are tiny. They are making quite good progress but have been on breathing tubes, one is off now but the other is on Cpap (ventilation).

“They might have to stay until the due date in July although I am hoping that I can maybe bring them home by the end of June.”

Chardonnay says despite having everything the babies need she ended up in hospital without a bag due to their sudden and unexpected arrival.

The first-time mum added: “I had a natural birth and this means I don’t qualify for any funding to help me pay for travel. At the moment I have to get a train and then a bus and it is hard because I just want to make sure I go and see them.

“I hate it because I just want to be with them.”

To help Chardonnay with travel costs, her friend has set up a GoFundMe.

Find the fundraiser here


  1. If the twins mum is in receipt of benefits travel can be claimed at the hospital they are in
    Hope all goes well

  2. Where’s dad ?

    Do we need to fund him to see his children or does he have sufficient financial means ?

    How about the grandparents – do they have money for bus fares and train fares or do they need to be added to the list ?

    • Shut up john. How is your comment helping if you don’t want to help don’t.

      Scroll on. Don’t be such a judgemental fool.

      I’m fairly certain I could pick your life and personality apart given the chance.

  3. Get in touch with Ronald Macdonald House Charity. They help people in exactly this situation and are a wonderful support. I hope the babies are OK.

    • We recently stayed in one and they were fabulous often there is a waiting list or no rooms. You have to chase hard. As she is 2 hours from home and it’s new borns she should go to top of the list.

      I echo your sentiments of wish the whole family the best of luck.

      Being in Hospital with your little ones is no fun….. we had over three months this year.

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