Strike action to take place on Southeastern network

Southeastern trains Photo John Horton

Strike action will be taking place  across the Southeastern network this month.

Dates have been announced for the industrial action. These are:

Friday 12 May – ASLEF

Saturday 13 May – RMT

Wednesday 31 May – ASLEF

Saturday 3 June – ASLEF

There will be no trains running on the network on Friday 12 May, Wednesday 31 May and Saturday 3 June

On Saturday 13 May there will be a limited service running but only 58 out of 180 stations will be open. No replacement buses will serve stations that are closed.

Rail workers are striking in a dispute over pay, conditions and passenger safety issues. The RMT say this includes: “unsafe practices for the travelling public such as a 50% cut in scheduled maintenance tasks and an unacceptable hike in unsocial hours.

Timetables are available here and online journey planners are up to date with the changes.

If the strike action is cancelled at short notice, Southeastern may not be able to switch back to our normal timetable immediately.


  1. Sack them all, sooner we get driverless trains the better. Especially on local routes ie Ramsgate to Faversham, Dover, Ashford. And those in between.

    • Driverless trains have no commonsense as in hitting the brakes with something on the line.

  2. Trains should have human drivers. They should also have guards and be re-nationalized.

    • Why? The only recorded accidents on the Driverless Dockland Light Railway have been when the trains have been under human control.

  3. Good luck and I hope they get the money.

    The investors in the private rail companies have made themselves rich from the service and paid very little tax on their earnings. The workers are heavily taxed and relatively so paid less.

    Fred wants to make the rich richer and no doubt wait for the trickle.

  4. The country cannot be considered to have retained it sanity until privatisation of all public services are nationalised.

  5. The drivers are very well paid, the money saved by going driverless could improve the service. They are doing themselves out of a job by being unreasonable and greedy.

  6. Fred,,oncee you get rid of train drivers, whatt next … all shop workers, all bus drivers, all car workers, all care workers!! The fred future masss unemployment and lack of wages equals mass poverty while billionaires multiply their wealth

  7. How about sack councilors getting the the sack for incompetence or council staff, don’t be stupid. Electric trains are the future and are being deployed in other countries giving a far better service. By the way bus services are going driverless electric in Edinburgh.

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