Ramsgate Road partially blocked due to 5 car crash

Police attended the scene Photo Hazel Nicholls

Stagecoach Loop services were diverting from Ramsgate Road in Margate to St Peter’s Road due to a five car collision this evening (May 9).

The Ramsgate Road was partially blocked and there was slow traffic both ways around Gordon Road.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 5.53pm on Wednesday 9 May, to a collision involving five cars in Ramsgate Road, Margate.

“Officers attended the scene where no injuries were reported.”


  1. How on Earth can there be a five car crash? Unless five drivers were driving too fast without due care and attention.

  2. Was it the road conditions, or the weather. Thanks no one was hurt. It doesn’t say if someone ran in front of the first car, but I’m sure Phyllis knows all the details. I just hope everyone involved are safe.

  3. There is a section of 40MPH road that goes past Hornby and B&Q right along to the Car wash with no pedestrian crossing points on the road. KCC know this is an issue but refuse to reduce the speed or put a pedestrian crossing phase into the lights at the junction with Enterprise Road because there are no fatalities or serious injuries within recent timescale. The local Councillors don’t care enough to do anything about it either. So incidents will just continue on one of the most dangerous routes in Britain.

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