Westgate teen’s Olympic qualifier invite after taking 1st in UK Skateboarding National Championships

Tay is heading to the Olympic qualifiers

A Westgate teenager has banked first place in the men’s category of the UK Skateboarding National Championships and secured a spot in the Olympic Qualifiers.

Taylor Cunningham, 14, is in touching distance of his dream to make the GB skateboarding team and is due to travel to Argentina next month for the qualifiers.

The trip will cost some £5,000 and mum Kim has launched a fundraiser to make sure Tay can take up the qualifier opportunity.

She said: “Tay has achieved an impressive feat by securing men’s 1st place at the UK Skateboarding National Championships last weekend. This week he has been invited by SBGB (Skateboard GB) to attend an Olympic Qualifier in Argentina next month.

“Unfortunately we have to self-fund this part of his journey as skateboarding is a new Olympic event and funding structures are not yet fully established.

“We have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to support Tay’s Olympic dream. Attending this event in Argentina is crucial for Tay’s future opportunities, as he aims to be seen by potential sponsors and people who could support him in the future.

“If he achieves excellent results, it will also create opportunities for future British aspiring skateboarders.”

The King Ethelbert student started skating at the age of 4 and entered his first jam aged 5 where he won in the U7’s category.

Since then has skated all over the UK, visiting skateparks from Inverness through to Cornwall, participating in various jams and events.

Last year he was one of the baton bearers in The Queen’s Baton Relay. showed off his skills to skate the baton around the bowl at Folkestone’s F51 Skatepark. He currently works at Revolution Skatepark in Broadstairs teaching skateboarding lessons.

On the fundraising page Tay says: “I believe that there’s a sport out there for everyone, and for me, it’s skateboarding.

“I just won the Men’s park comp at SBGB and that has given me the opportunity to skate in Argentina and further possible world events later in the year. My ultimate goal is to make it to the GB Skateboarding Team and be part of Team GB at the next Olympics.

“I am reaching out for help to make my dream a reality.”

Funds raised will go towards travel expenses, accommodation, entry fees and insurance, as well as food costs. Anything over the £5000 target will help Tay attend further events and qualifiers.

Find the fundraiser here

Check out Tay’s skills on his insta page: https://www.instagram.com/tayrayskates