Interactive Lancaster cockpit section to open at Spitfire & Hurricane Museum in memory of veteran Gerry Abrahams

Two of Gerry’s great-great grandchildren in the Lancaster cockpit Photo Dennis Jackson

An interactive Lancaster cockpit section and tours giving visitors an insight into the life of World War Two will open at the Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum in Manston next month.

The Lancaster experience is in memory of the museum’s former trustee and volunteer Gerry Abrahams who passed away in January aged 99.

The RAF Bomber Command veteran served in 31 operations with 75 (New Zealand) Sqn over Nazi Germany, including a bombing mission where one of his aircraft engines got shot away by the Luftwaffe. He later became a Bomber Command Instructor. He also flew during the Berlin Air Lift in the Cold War.

Gerry Abrahams

Gerry had been an active volunteer at the museum, helping visitors navigate the Spitfire simulator, fundraising, organising quizzes, veterans signings and helping out at events.

Last Sunday (April 16) Gerry’s extended family carried out his wishes to scatter his ashes at The Allied Airforce Memorial Gardens in the grounds of the museum alongside trustees Dennis Jackson and Robert Westbrook.

Photo Dennis Jackson

Dennis said: “The museum hosted the family of former Trustee and Lancaster veteran Gerry Abrahams who passed away earlier this year aged 99.

Gerry had wished his ashes to be scattered in the museums Allied Airforce Memorial Gardens at the The RAF Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum Manston.

Photo Dennis Jackson

“Later the family were treated to a preview of the newly acquired Lancaster cockpit section which we hope to open next month to mark the 80th anniversary of the Dambusters raid.

Photo Dennis Jackson

“We are working with Hilderstone Radio Society and Simmiltec Ltd to add some functionality to the cockpit and will offer tours with a modest charge to give visitors an insight into what life was like for Bomber Crews in the Second World War.”

Photo Dennis Jackson

The cockpit section was transported to the museum by Reclamet and features custom ‘nose art’ designed by  David Bryant.

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  1. This sounds amazing and I will definitely be paying a visit.

    The Lancaster is an amazing machine.

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