Coronation weekend events for Thanet

Coronation street parties Photo istock/TraceyAPhotos


A three-day extravaganza of family activities will take place at Victoria Gardens, on Broadstairs seafront,, from Saturday 6 May until Bank Holiday Monday 8 May, to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III and the Queen Consort.

Events will kick off at 10am on Saturday 6 May with stalls, attractions and small children’s rides on Victoria Gardens. There will be live music on the bandstand at 2pm with popular band Mixed Emotions and at 7.30pm with Simon Foster and Friends. The day’s event will culminate at 9pm with a Grand Firework display over Viking Bay including a celebratory crown and beacon lighting on the beach, weather permitting.

Sunday will continue with craft and trade stalls on Victoria Gardens.

At noon a Fun Dog Show will take place and dog owners are invited to sign up as soon as possible by contacting the Town Council on [email protected].

Participants will also be able to sign up on the day, subject to maximum numbers.  Medway Brass Band will then provide a ‘Prom’ style concert on the bandstand from 2.30pm.

Residents and visitors are invited to come along and wave a flag, compliments of the Chamber of Commerce, and join in the fun. There will be an opportunity, between 11am – 2pm, for children to make and colour a crown to wear and they will be offered a small treat if they come dressed in red, white and blue, or in Coronation themed fancy dress.

Bank Holiday Monday will have a showcase of much of what Broadstairs and St Peter’s has to offer. The Inspiration Creative Signing Choir will open the day’s proceedings with a performance on the bandstand at 11am followed at half hourly intervals by local groups such as the Dickens Declaimers, Folk Week and the St Peter’s Village Tour who will all give a taster of the events to be enjoyed in the town over the summer.

As part of the King’s Big Help Out theme, local voluntary organisations will be set up in Victoria Gardens to give information about what they do and to attract new volunteer and participants.

Finally, to round off the weekend, regular bandstand favourites Charlie Don’t Surf will delight the crowds between 2pm – 5pm.


A packed schedule of entertainment is planned for Ramsgate over the Coronation weekend.

On Saturday, May 6 the handmade market and vintage fair runs at XXXXX from 11am to 4pm.

Between 10.30am and 2.30pm there will be a live screening of the Coronation. This will be hosted at Radford House in Effingham Street.

Between 1pm and 11pm there will be live music on the Coronation stage on Ramsgate seafront, opposite the Queen’s Head pub. There will also be a funfair between 1pm-10pm and coronation parade crown making fun plus facepainting between noon and 4pm.

On Sunday, May 7 on the seafront between 11am and 4pm the handmade market will again be held. 10am to 1.30pm crown making and facepainting, 2pm to 11pm live music on the Coronation stage.

At 2pm the Coronation parade will head off from the High Street.

At 3.30pm there is a street party, entry by wristband, and at 4pm a fancy dress competition will be held.

At 9pm there will be a firework display on the beach opposite Ramsgate Tunnels.

On Monday, May 8 the market runs from 11am-4pm, funfair from 10am to 5pm, 11am-1pm the Big Help Out litter pick on the main sands and 1pm-7pm live music on the seafront stage.

All events on the harbour front unless otherwise stated.


Saturday, May 6 – Coronation Conga along Marine Drive at 8.30pm (road closed from 7pm-10pm) with steel band from Your School of Music Canterbury.

Fireworks on Margate main sands at 8.45pm.

Monday, May 8 – Rise Up Clean Up in Margate are partnering with Kent Coast Volunteering to put on a beach clean as part of the Big Help Out.

It takes place on the main sands from 4pm-5pm, meeting at the blue and white striped beach hut opposite Dreamland and volunteers to take part will be welcomed. Under 18s need to be accompanied by an adult.


Saturday, May 6 – Screening the Coronation from 10:30am at Dog Acre

A number of Birchington’s local café and restaurant owners are taking part in a special ‘Coronation Brunch Meal Deal’ – including Mandy’s Deli Birchington, Blend Coffee Lounge, Christies Wine Bar & Bistro, Zaras cafe, and Jules Bistro.

Following the appearance of the Royal Family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, from 4pm an evening of live entertainment and dancing. Dog Acre, Station Road.

Sunday, May 7 – family fun day and concert from midday, picnic, barbecue and bar.

Monday, May 8 The Big Help Out

All at Dog Acre

Birchington Parish Council is calling for volunteers to help over the Coronation Weekend

If you can spare any amount of time,  get in touch at:

[email protected] Or call 01843 846666


If you have little ones aged between three and five, they can take part in the Westgate Town Council Coronation Colouring Competition.

Pop into the offices opposite the Carlton Cinema between 10am and 12.30pm, Monday to Thursday and pick up your crown to colour.

There will be prizes for the top three judged by Adam from The Classroom Bookshop on Station Road. Copies of the colouring sheet can also be collected there.

Deadline is Friday 28th April and colouring sheets can also be requested by email.

Two more Coronation competitions for older children are due to be announced.

More details for Coronation weekend to come


The plan is to participate in The Big Lunch on Sunday 7th May. It will be held in Marjorie Chapman meadow and people are asked to bring their  own chairs, tables, gazebos etc. BBQs will be allowed provided they are on legs.

Organisers will also try and arrange something for kids. If you wish to dress in patriotic clothing then feel free to do so. The meadow will be decorated.

In the evening the plan is to live stream the concert from Windsor Castle. This will be held in the play area. Bring your own seats, blankets etc.

Anyone who wishes to help will be gratefully welcomed, especially if you have a decent PA system!

Message the Cliffsend Village facebook page

Minster & Monkton Royal British Legion

Saturday, May 6 from 11am, watch the ceremony live, afternoon teas available

Sunday, May 7 from 1pm, live music with The Breeze, barbecue, plant a coronation sunflower. Royal fancy dress. Kids art tables. Raffle and more.

RBL club, 61 Augustine Rd, Minster.

More event details for the isle as we get them


  1. I always find it funny when things like this happen margate seem to be the least interested. Margate never seems to put much on compared to broadstairs and ramsgate, yet margate gets an unfair amount of our taxes. Guess it’s not an art event so margate isnt really bothered.

  2. I hope no public money is being spent on these events. If people want to “celebrate” they are welcome out of their own pockets.


    I’m glad Margate at least have some sense not to be wasting public money on this it’s not what it is for at all.

  3. Wont it be nice to see all the poor folk who still support this farce.. 100million for a coronation, no problem, johnny tax payer will pay for it. flag waving by the masses who cant afford to pay bills.. absolute joke

  4. It’s the TDC! Starts with Christmas trees – ends with National events (ie Coronation).
    Purse strings tied far too tight by the wrong people….

  5. I noticed the rise up people are at it again not necessary a clean up people throughout the country will be celebrating as well all through the last bank holiday very few people were on the main sands if the weather is bad nobody will be on there a bit of a coincidence that its local elections that week stop playing politics.

    • People want to clean the beach- after what could be if the sun shines, a busy weekend, – at no cost to anyone else, why on earth would anyone want to criticise it- maybe you should get along there and give them a helping hand.

      • My answer on that one I have been running the Beachwatch campaign on Margate and other bays in Margate since 1996 on behalf of the marine conservation society monitoring beach litter by surveys that’s more constructive than people picking up litter do they know where it comes from do they have the backing to trace where it comes from many beach users use common sense and don’t leave rubbish behind except certain groups who come down and leave it incase you don’t know fines are in for my point is doing people out of paid work to support themselves or their families I don’t need preaching to been there done that and got the marine conversation society t-shirt and tabards I am 78 years old don’t need rudeness

        • Maybe you need to learn how to use punctuation though. It’ll help break up your nonsensical rant into something of meaning. Perhaps not though.

          • I guess emotional intelligence is not your thing Big Hairy Jack person. What is it they say – only hurt people hurt?

  6. The Independent newspaper on the 6th June last year showed the monarchy “has a net worth of £72.5 billion, much of which was as a result of their participation in slavery! They could at least fund this nonsense themselves by giving a grant to every local authority, to cover the costs we Council Tax payers will have to fork out!

    • Margate artists were offered grants to participate in the Jubilee last year, yet still couldn’t be bothered. Thank God I live in Ramsgate!

    • That should read “Micky Mouse Monarchy”, I suppose Charles will sporting a chest full of medals,yet he was never a member of the armed forces, and never saw a days active service, Duurh. Its all a farce, and they are all hypocrites, they exist to divert attention away from the elected dictatorship that passes for a government in this country!

    • Just read that the £72.5 billion the monarchy are worth, was only income that is publicly known about! There is far more in priceless paintings, and other works of art, plus hundreds of thousands of acres of land that could be sold off, and their palaces! They didn’t work for all this wealth, it was taken from the poor, and their wars of aggression, plus licensed piracy whereby they got a cut of cut of the stolen proceeds!

      • I remember someone saying to me how much money the royal family bring in..
        I also pointed out how many people would still visit the castles and bring in an income without the Monarchy being a drain on tax payers

      • I remember someone saying to me how much money the royal family bring in..
        I also pointed out how many people would still visit the castles and bring in an income without the Monarchy being a drain on tax payers

        But still the flag wavers will carry on being poor and wavign flags

  7. Not so good in Margate, that’s because there are to many who take rather than give. The only thing the that gets the wasters out is if it’s something for nothing. Most clean , upright , hard working residents will be celebrating in their own way with friends and family.

  8. Dumpton, you are entitled to grind your axe in public, but do your homework before spouting on…. and on, spewing out erroneous bile and hate.
    Charles served in the armed forces for five years.
    No, his medals are not for gallantry in action. However, many are for merit and good conduct, from countries such as Australia and Canada and New Zealand, or for his training with different armed forces around the globe.
    Now show the public your meritous awards for serving your country?

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