New Panna arena at Broadstairs College thanks to OhSoRetro

The Panna arena at Broadstairs College

College students can now try out an increasingly popular form of football thanks to a new specialised arena.

Broadstairs College launched its ‘Panna’ arena just before the Easter holidays, comprising a small, round concreted pitch enclosed in a cage.

This allows learners to play Panna, a contemporary form of football in which players must either score the most goals in three minutes or kick the ball through an opponent’s legs.

Made possible by a donation from OhSoRetro Events, the Panna arena project was decided on due to the hilly location of the campus and the facility’s ability to be used year-round.

Staff and students are excited for this new sporting opportunity, which is open to all Broadstairs College students.

Programme Director of Sport and Leisure, Amicia Wingfield said: “As a department, this is something that we have been working towards for some time and we are ecstatic we now have this vital piece of equipment.

“The Panna arena will not only be accessible to Sport and Leisure students, but to all learners who we hope will gain a sense of community and enrichment through playing in the arena.

“The arena will allow any student to step in and express themselves through their skills and it will help to encourage learners to grow in confidence and creativity – great skills that are transferable to everyday life.”

Students and staff who have already had the opportunity to play in the arena were full of praise and eager to continue in their Panna training.

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