Man arrested following large emergency response in Ramsgate

Emergency services in attendance

A large emergency services responses attended an incident in Ramsgate today (April 21).

Police had arrived at a property in Canterbury Road East this morning to carry out an arrest but say officers then became concerned for the man’s welfare.

Onlookers report the man had attempted to harm himself. Some 10 police cars and two fire engines were in attendance.

Police and fire crews were at the scene, accompanied by health workers, for several hours until the man was eventually arrested on suspicion of harassment and taken into custody.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police officers attended an address in Canterbury Road (East), Ramsgate to carry out an arrest.

“Upon arrival, officers became concerned for a man’s welfare and other agencies were called to assist.

“The man was later arrested on suspicion of harassment and taken into custody.”


  1. I think 10 Police cars and 2 Fire engines might have helped cause more fear and anxiety, than necessary, to the poor chap.

  2. Think we’ll all be a bit safer without this ‘poor chap’ being able to harrass anyone else! Reckon theres a bit more to it than this!!

  3. We dove past this scene I know from my past employment that these situation’s can become very volatile very quickly so in fairness to the police and other emergency services it’s much better to be mob handed to contain the situation and deal with all possible outcomes than for it to go pear shape and not have enough manpower.

  4. No one on this site knows the type of harassment ,this person was giving out,it might an over the top response ,no one on this site knows,but I bet it you were a person receiving extreme harassment ,you would this reply,did he have a weapon ,was he stating ,he would set fire to a building to harm people ,it that’s the case,a fire engine is/was a good action ,because I bet it ,he ,did set fire to a building and no appliance was there,then some people on this site sold moan about ,there not being one ,Lets see the report first

  5. Not enough old bill, should have had another 300 cars to deal with 1 person.

    It’s political correctness gone mad.

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