Hooked on learning at Northdown Primary School

Year 6 learnt about war and food rationing

The children of Northdown Primary School in Cliftonville kicked off their new term with a fun-filled hook into learning day. Each year group focused on a different theme for the day which they will carry on looking at in-depth over the course of the term.

Year 6 learnt all about life in Britain during World War Two, even getting the chance to sample some typical food from the era of rationing. Rather surprisingly, the tinned pilchards were a big hit! They also got the chance to try spam, corned beef and Horlicks.

Year 4 focused on mountains whilst Year 3 were treated to an Anglo-Saxon workshop for the day from a visiting company. Over in Year 2, the term’s topic was the Titanic. Pupils were assigned a passenger class on the ship – those travelling in first class found themselves in receipt of a larger slice of cake than their fellow third-class travellers! Although even more downtrodden than the third-class passengers were the pupils allocated the role of “staff” who had to serve all the others – a real lesson in what life was like on the ship.

Dr Goldsmith (PSHE Lead) said: “The activities on hook day really help the children immerse themselves into different cultures and periods in history. The Year 2 children could really empathise with how the lower-class passengers and staff would have felt on board the Titanic whilst the Year 6s realised that food couldn’t be taken for granted during wartime.”

Year 1 likewise had the chance to taste some foods from abroad as part of their Around the World theme for the term. The Vegemite and brie cheese were new to most children and gave them a chance to sample foods they otherwise might not try. Representing British cuisine, the pupils had the opportunity to nibble on some tasty jam tarts.

In the Early Years phase, Reception children were superheroes for the day, tasked with building a cage to trap a tiger that had escaped from “Northdown Wildlife Park”. Using teamwork and imagination, they worked together to problem solve and, thankfully, saved the day.

Charlotte Filmer, Early Years Lead, explained the impact of the day: “During our hook days in Reception, we are able to use and develop our skills of communication, imagination, creativity and teamwork. This term the children have thoroughly relished working as a team of superheroes to solve secret missions to rescue the missing Northdown Wildlife animals.”